Music Festival Checklist: Get Prepared!

Music Festival Essentials Checklist: Time to Prepare


Feb 6, 2014

Music festival season is here. Have you mapped out the festivals you’ll be attending this year?

We love festival season because it brings everyone together. As you make plans to attend your next festival, don’t forget these essential items below. We want you to have the best experience possible.

Music Festival Essentials

  • Verified Tickets – Your one-way entry to your music paradise.
  • ID/Cash – A no brainer, but an essential. Don’t leave these at home.
  • Keys – Don’t forget, you eventually have to get back home. Store your car/house keys in a safe place.
  • Directions – Don’t get lost. Having GPS or a map is essential when locating some of the best festival grounds and amphitheaters.
  • Festival Maps & Set Times – Having a festival map and a list of who’s playing where is likely needed when you’re hoping to catch some of your favorite performers.
  • Camera – You’ll likely want to remember this one, we promise. Bring your camera and relive the experience with friends or family who weren’t able to make it.
  • Phone –  Download the festival app and bring extra phone batteries to stay connected during the event.
  • Water – No matter what the conditions, stay hydrated.
  • Blanket – Don’t force yourself to stand all day. Bring a blanket and create your own chill zone.
  • Small Backpack or Bag – Pack your stash on your back for optimal comfort and convenience.


  • Raincoat – Did you check the weather before you left? You might need to prepare because most festivals are rain or shine.
  • Windbreaker – Block the harsh wind and weather without overheating.
  • Shades – Stay cool, festival go-ers. Stay cool.
  • Kicks – Wear shoes that cover your precious toes and that you can get dirty and rip to shreds.
  • Extra Shirt – Spin it like a helicopter! Or have it just in case you get some unwanted stuff on your shirt.
  • Accessories – A watch to tell the time if your phone dies, funky flower headbands to keep your hair out of your face, and a scarf or bandana to prevent dust from getting in your nose and mouth are all fun and practical accessories to have on hand.


  • Toiletries – Stay so fresh and so clean, your friends will appreciate it.
  • Phone Charger – So you can stay sync’d with your crew.
  • Tent – Your place of sanctuary and rehabilitation. Maybe some nice aromatherapy oils to rejuice your mind and body. Think about it… Watch out for bears!
  • Sleeping Bag – Or any items for warmth, so you can get at least a couple hours of shut eye before that 32 oz. double-coffee-whatever you’re drinking before day 2, 3…ah fest life…
  • Air Mattress – Give your back a break.
  • Grill – Bring grill-friendly food and supplies–and don’t skip the vegetables.
  • Camping Chairs – Bring enough for everyone in your crew plus guests just in case you end up hanging with your neighbors.
  • Tapestries – Block the sun to keep cool and get some privacy.
  • Table – Something that folds up and easy to carry is ideal.
  • Huge Coolers – Pack em’ with ice, beverages and food.
  • Lights (battery powered) – For late night post-fest chillin’, make sure you bring extra batteries.