Monster Jam 2014

Monster Jam 2014

Monster Jam 2014 is rolling into your city, so join us and bring the whole family. Since the 1970’s Monster Truck’s have been bringing the ruckus to arena’s around the United States. When Monster Jam first began it was about the races. Now Monster Jam mixes racing with stunts and truck acrobatics, which have become the true fan favorites. Last year Monster Jam brought you high flying adventure and electrifying event production, it is just one of those events that you have to see up close and personal.

Monster Jam 2013 Fan Direct Recap

In 2013, Monster Jam had some of the meanest Monster Trucks flying through the air and even brought you behind the scenes to meet and interact with all things Monster and Truck. From the races to the tricks, here what the fans had to say for themselves about Monster Jam over the year’s.

  • By NYGNYRNYMNYK: “I’ve been a fan for around 18 years. I’ve probably been to over 100 events all over the place with family, friends, coworkers, you name it. That being said, this was the best! From the second I walked into the Pit Party, to when the event ended I enjoyed myself. I brought a few buddies, and they said they’d definitely return. The overall experience was great. Never a dull moment! I would suggest going to the next event near you, especially if that event is MetLife Stadium in 2013.
    Favorite Moment: The whole thing from start to end! So fan friendly for fans young and old. So much to do and see.
  • By Edward Jones Dome: “My 9 year old son loves Monster Jam, especially MaxD. They put on a great show with lots of giveaways and lots of action in between trucks. All the drivers seem to love what they do and truly try to please their fans. We were disappointed that there was no Tom Meents and the autograph lives were just too long to get everyone’s autograph. But overall well worth the money we spent and we made some great memories.
    Favorite Moment: Best moment was when Adam Anderson jumped over MaxD, even though we love MaxD, it was just awesome.

Monster Jam 2014 Ticket and Ticket Deals

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