Exclusive Interview: LANY Get Ready To Rock The World On Tour

Exclusive Interview: LANY Get Ready To Rock The World On Tour

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Since sharing their first songs online nearly three years ago, LANY have built a substantial fan base on the back of their memorable and melodic alt-pop and clever song titles.

The band came together in 2014, when Klein hooked up with some old friends after launching a solo career in Los Angeles.

“I was doing music on my own and wasn’t too happy with the way it was playing out,” he said in an exclusive Tickemaster Insider interview earlier this year.  “I asked (drummer) Jake (Goss) if I could fly back to Nashville for a few days and write some songs and see what we could come up with and that is how LANY began.”

Along with keyboardist and guitarist Les Priest, the trio quickly wrote and recorded a couple songs, which they posted to Soundcloud without even a band name. Eventually they settled on LANY, an abbreviation for Los Angeles – New York, a homage to their cross-country origins and ambitions.

With text message-referent titles like “(OMG),” “BRB” and their hit “ILYSB,” the streams started adding up, as did attention from major labels. Last summer Rolling Stone magazine included them in their list of ‘10 New Artists You Need to Know,’ and the group has released a series of well-received EPs, including 2016’s kinda.

Starting in 2015, LANY began touring, and their impassioned live show further spread their message. They have shared stages with such artists as X Ambassadors, Halsey and Ellie Goulding, and headlined their own tours as well.

Their latest jaunt starts this week and finds them in Australia, where they’ll play a series of shows before hitting Europe and then coming home to support John Mayer for seven dates in April.

To prepare for live shows, Klein runs through a range of emotions and activities each night.

“Right before we go onstage we’re pretty hyped and come together as a team,” he says, “but an hour before we play a lot of us are just kind of in the zone, on our own, thinking about where we’re headed as a band.” The lanky, longhaired singer says to relax beforehand he likes listening to music or talking to family and friends back home.

Friendship forms the core of the band and its road crew.

“I’m really proud of the tour family that we’ve built,” says Klein, “I think they’re amazing people with incredible values, and everyone has everyone’s back and I can trust everybody on the bus with us.”

Not only does this make touring more fun, Klein also says “If I’m ever struggling with something or something’s really messing with my mind, I have people around me that I can bounce ideas off of and kind of hash stuff out with.”

Considering they’re already seasoned tour veterans, it should come as no surprise LANY’s favorite places to play are spread around the globe.

“We talk a lot about Salt Lake City because its just a place that has taken us all by surprise,” Klein says. Though, he’s also quick to mention Copenhagen, Denmark as another favorite. “That is an amazing city with an amazing culture and beautiful people.”

Klein expects their upcoming tour will “probably bring forth more incredible places that we’ll fall in love with.”

Also on deck this year is the band’s debut album which is set for a June 30th release. The eponymous debut will feature LANY’s latest single “Good Girls” as well as forthcoming singles “It Was Love,” “The Breakup” and “Thirteen.”

and on january 24, 2017 in nashville, tennessee, LANY finished recording their debut album.

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