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Fan Art Friday with Adele

Jackson Peckinpah


Apr 1, 2016

For millions of fans around the world, Adele is more than just a beautiful singer with a lovely voice. She is strength; she is resilience. And she can make even the toughest of humans weep at the drop of a hat. Adele returned with a vengeance last year, topping almost every chart out there with her single “Hello” and breaking records with her highly acclaimed new album. Lets face it, you probably even have one of her songs stuck in your head right now, don’t you?

There is no doubt that Adele holds a very special place in the hearts of many. It becomes even more apparent when looking at the incredible amount of fan-made tributes that exist out there on the internet. Thousands upon thousands of talented fans continue to show their love and support by creating beautiful works of art in honor of the 27-year old English singing/songwriting sensation. Here at Tickemaster Insider, we had the pleasure of compiling some of the best Adele art to share with you today for this week’s #FanArtFriday. Check it out down below:

Check out this super creative hand print art slapped to canvas by the talented @pangaeanstudios! Such a cool and unique idea ?

The beautiful range of colors and hues flow so well together in this epic portrait by @vicmarielevins_art. It’s like cotton candy for the eyes!

Downright incredible illustration with outstanding detail by @alessiopontolillo. Everthing is so perfectly executed, from the strands of hair to the teeny cracks in her lips.

Here is a very cool digital piece by Great blend of different geometric shapes and sharp lines to make a single cohesive face.

WOW! 14-year’s young and already has the pipes to cover Adele so well? What an amazing talent Mattie Faith is. Next superstar in the making?

Adele ?? #adele #adele25 #daydreamer #adelefanart

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Really diggin’ the simplicity and softness in this piece by @shahdwannan. The contrast of the pale skin with the dark features really makes this one pop off the page.

Man, Adele’s never looked so absolutely…delicious! Very fun idea with awesome results by  Drawtensil on YouTube.

Thanks for stopping by and a big thanks to all of the artists featured above. You have a heck of a lot of talent and are truly destined for greatness.

Adele’s multi-national tour is well underway. Head over to Ticketmaster to see when she comes to a city near you.