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Live & Loud AF: An Interview with Deftones’ Sergio Vega

Alternative Rock

Apr 6, 2016

Deftones definitely get LOUD with their hard-hitting alternative metal in concert—and bassist Sergio Vega keeps up that intensity both in the studio and on stage. He’s been busy laying down the low-end on their new album Gore (which drops this week!) and gearing up to play venues across the US later in April. Still, Sergio found time to answer our questions as we get fired up for their tour. Pro tip: Before you head out, take a look at our convenient ticket bundles at Ticketmaster to get the album and score seats all at once.

Photo by: Deftones
Photo by: Deftones

Your new album Gore comes out on on Friday, April 8. How would you describe it to Deftones fans?

The band is rooted in our friendship and our songs/albums are a snapshot of our times hanging out and having fun together.

What can fans expect when they see you on your new tour?

Lots of smiles, running around, lights—and it’s gonna be loud AF!!!

You’ve got a number of shows coming up in the US, are there any cities or venues you’re excited to play?

The thing that I find from touring is that every city has something amazing to offer… so EVERYWHERE!

Photo by: Deftones
Photo by: Deftones

How do you select your opening acts, and what do you love about them?

We all make a list of bands we like and also check out links bands submit to us. Once it’s narrowed down to who is actually available, we go with whoever we’re stoked on that will give a rad experience to fans that are coming out.

Starting out who were your big influences, who are your influences now?

I grew up with park jams where local DJs set up on basketball courts, but also threw down at hardcore matinees at CBGB. All the bands where I lived were accessible and often friends or acquaintances. That set me up for a wide palate taste-wise, which is still true now.

Describe your strangest onstage moment.

In Scotland, I was close to the edge of the stage and realized I was about to fall off. I looked down and saw some places I could plant my foot on the way down, so I kept playing as I surrendered to the inevitable.

What was the first live event or concert you ever attended as a fan?

Bad Brains!

Can you share one picture with fans that’s on your phone right now?

Selena and I… a recent tour pic I Insta’d (@smurffedout).

Photo by @smurffedout
Photo by @smurffedout

Can you give us a link to a YouTube video that you like and tell us why you chose it?

The kid slays her pops here.

Any parting words you’d like to share with fans?

Hope you can make it!!!! Xo

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