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Why Mamas Make the Best Concert-mates


Apr 25, 2016

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we asked fans on Twitter to share the most recent concert they attended with Mom—and they didn’t disappoint! From rocking out mother-daughter style at a Bruce Springsteen show to swooning with Mom at 5SOS, these heartwarming responses prove that mamas make the best concert-mates. Rock a little family bonding time of your own this year and give mom the gift of a live event—the memories will outlast the same old flowers and candy lining the checkout aisle at your local drugstore.

Check out our favorite responses below, and if you’re feeling extra cute this year, sing mom one of these perfect Mother’s Day songs and cue the waterworks.

Front row at Miley’s Bangerz Tour?! Ugh, we’re totally jealous of your mom.

We’re not sure if Mom is a huge 1D fan or if she’s just a really good sport. Either way, this mother-daughter trip to One Direction looks pretty epic.

Q: What’s better than seeing Mom rock out to 5SOS?

A: Her telling you which member she thought was the cutest after the show (we’re praying that actually happened…)

If your mom wasn’t a Belieber before, we’re sure she had a change of heart after seeing a better-than-ever Biebs bust a move in concert.

Moms love Adam Levine, it’s just an undeniable fact (see that hand? We’re willing to bet it’s Mom’s).

From the looks of it, Mom was in the pit while @AlexandriaL89 snapped these amazing photos at the I See Stars show. Go Mom!

Ok, spill—who cried tears of joy first at the Ed Sheeran show, you or Mom?

Mother and daughter both got to touch The Boss at his Columbus, OH show. Can you say “I’m on Fire”?

We have a sneaking suspicion this trip to Rick Springfield’s Stripped Down Tour was Mom’s idea, but we could be wrong (it’s rare but it happens).

Ok this one doesn’t technically answer the question at hand, but we love the idea of Dad getting dragged to Bieber so we had to include it.

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