See How Ticketmaster Concert Fans Are Getting More Social

See How Ticketmaster Concert Fans Are Getting More Social

Social Concert Trends

Live events and social media have gone hand-in-hand since well before your mom and dad joined Facebook.

If you go to YouTube right now, and type in “concerts 2005” (the year YouTube launched), you’ll find several videos featuring full-length concert coverage. If you take a peek at one of your friend’s timelines, odds are, you’ll uncover at least a selfie or two of them attending a live event. And, if you follow your favorite musician on Twitter, you’re likely to have seen them tweet while on tour.

Starting to see a trend?

Well, we sure have. According to our recent Ticketmaster Live Analytics study, live event social media “engagement is up, up, up” for concert fans. No surprises there, but through this study we uncovered some interesting facts about how concert fans use social media and how you can use that information to your advantage.

Did you ever wonder…

  • What’s the most-used social media platform for concert goers?

YouTube takes first place with 86%, while Facebook comes in at a very close second with 84%.

  • Who’s going to be at the concert?

We found that 60% of fans said they joined/RSVP’d to a concert via a Facebook Event—check the event pages first to see who will be there.

  • How does your best friend know about a concert before you do?

51% of fans engage with a brand through social media for access to music-related content or promotions so chances are, they’re following someone in the band.

  • Where can you find epic concert pics and videos?

91% of fans share their concert photos and vids via Facebook (most often during the event)

You can find more stats like this in the infographic below and via the full study presentation posted on our LiveAnalytics Tumblr account.