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Superfan @HarmonizerSteph On 5H’s New Album + #727Tour


May 25, 2016

Pro Tip: If you’re a 5H superfan, visit the Fifth Harmony Tour Club to ensure you don’t miss out on exclusive news, offers and events. #727Tour

This month Fifth Harmony topped Billboard’s Rhythmic Songs chart with “Work From Home”, becoming the first girl group in 15 years to reach No. 1 on a Billboard airplay chart (the last group to do it was Destiny’s Child with “Survivor” back in 2001).

5H also announced a release date for their much-anticipated sophomore album 7/27 (May 27 y’all!) #727OutNow and an accompanying tour with support from Jack & Jack and Victoria Monet.

All this 5H news has us pretty excited, but not nearly as excited as Fifth Harmony superfan Stephanie. The “Harmonizers” (5H’s fan army) are some of the most fiercely loyal fans out there, and Stephanie (@harmonizersteph) is a case in point. When she’s not baking or dabbling in graphic design, this music licensing assistant from Alhambra, CA is out there supporting her favorite all-female fivesome. She’s been to a whopping 14 Fifth Harmony concerts, and she even helps run 5HonTour–a fan group dedicated to the 5H’s tireless touring.

Check out our interview with Stephanie below on what it means to be a 5H fan, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @harmonizersteph.

TM: Tell us what it means to you to be a “fan.”

@harmonizersteph: It means supporting the artist you love, whether that’s buying their music, attending their shows, contributing to their fan community online, or investing in them—either financially or through effort.

TM: How do you show your fandom?

@harmonizersteph: I show my support for Fifth Harmony by voting for anything they’re nominated for and requesting their music on radio. I am also a part of a team that runs 5HonTour (Available across social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and even an iPhone app) a promotion account for Fifth Harmony. We try to be a comprehensive source for all things Fifth Harmony as well as contribute positively to the fan community.

TM: What’s your favorite song by Fifth Harmony? Why?

@harmonizersteph: I’m sure my favorite will come off their new album 7/27 because they are constantly improving and outdoing themselves, but thus far my favorite would be “Work From Home.” Not only is it incredibly catchy, but it’s their first Top 5 single on Billboard and highest charting on radio as well. Seeing them succeed is the best feeling.

TM: How do you stay connected with your favorite artists?

@harmonizersteph: Definitely with social media. I love how easy it is in this day and age to connect with your favorite artists and find out what they’re up to. Similarly, it’s so easy for them to create a connection with fans and allow people to get to know them better.

TM: What’s your favorite piece of fan memorabilia (tee-shirt, poster, etc.)? Can you share a pic?

@harmonizersteph: The first signed photo I got from Fifth Harmony in 2013 will always be special to me. As for more recent memorabilia, their cover issue of Billboard Magazine is great because it reminds me of how far they’ve come and how much they’ve achieved.

super fan 5h collection

TM: Do you collect concert tickets? If so, can you show us a photo and tell us about the experience?

@harmonizersteph: I do collect some when I get physical tickets. The one for the MTV Artist to Watch show in 2014 is special to me because at the time Fifth Harmony only had an EP out and were fairly unknown. But later on that year, they went on to win the MTV VMA for Artist To Watch, which I witnessed them win. I felt really proud of them because it felt like a full circle moment.

TM: Tell us your #FirstLastNext concert.

First: American Idols Live Tour 2004
Last: Pentatonix
Next: Tori Kelly

TM: How far have you travelled to see a show?

@harmonizersteph: 350 miles

TM: What’s a little known fact about Fifth Harmony?

@harmonizersteph: This might be known to Harmonizers, but Fifth Harmony’s single “Work From Home” is the first Top 5 Hot 100 hit by a girl group since the Dixie Chicks in 2007 (and first by a pop girl group since the Pussycat Dolls in 2006).

TM: If you could tell Fifth Harmony one thing, what would it be?

@harmonizersteph: I would say that I am extremely proud of how far they’ve come and that their potential as a group is limitless. They’re so capable of breaking records and making history to become one of the best and most successful groups. I’m incredibly thankful not only for their talent but their humility and integrity as people, and I love what they stand for.

If you’re a 5H “superfan” like Stephanie, visit the Fifth Harmony Tour Club to ensure you don’t miss out on exclusive news, offers and events.