5 Must-See Slams from WWE Divas [Videos]

5 Must-See Slams from WWE Divas [Videos]

Wrestling fans everywhere love the girl power that WWE Divas bring to the ring. We’ve rounded up five action-packed videos that make it easy to see why. Hit play and behold some of the most hard-hitting slams from these fierce WWE competitors.

The Divas Champion Nikki Bella Gives Cameron the Smack Down

Divas Champion Nikki Bella is untouchable. Cameron learned that the hard way when the two vixens squared off in April. After a shot to the chops, Nikki unleashed her patented match-ending move on Cameron before claiming the victory.

Tamina Gives Paige a Samoan Drop

Two-time Divas Champion Paige is not one to shy away from a confrontation. But perhaps she shouldn’t have underestimated the strength of fierce competitor Tamina, who overwhelmed the former champion with this massive Samoan Drop before getting the pin.

Natalya vs. Cameron vs. Alicia Fox Triple Suplex

Natalya dialed up the devastation when she turned Alicia Fox’s suplex into a triple threat totem pole of terror. The dazzling move dazed all three wrestlers before Cameron swooped in at the last minute to claim the victory.

Rosa Mendes and Summer Rae 2-on-1 Suplex Nikki Bella

During her infamous feud with Stephanie McMahon (Chief Brand Officer of WWE and daughter of WWE CEO Vince McMahon), Nikki Bella tackled some impossible challenges from the brass, such as this grueling 6-on-1 handicap match. Total Divas Rosa Mendes and Summer Rae made the most of the opportunity, serving up this diabolical double suplex early in the match.

Eva Marie and Alicia Fox Drop Guest Referee Nikki Bella

Another one of Stephanie McMahon’s schemes to disgrace the Divas star, Nikki Bella refereed a match between Eva Marie and Alicia Fox. The combatants set aside their differences long enough to slam Nikki on her back before deserting the ring in a truly despicable fashion.

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