What’s Your New Year Resolution? #TMR14

What’s Your New Year Resolution? #TMR14


By now you’re probably wondering where the time went and thinking to yourself… is it really 2014?

With it being the end of the year now is also the perfect time to recalibrate and set goals for 2014. Sound about right? Now that we have your attention, we’re making a callout to our fans. We want to hear from YOU and learn what your resolutions are for the upcoming year. So jump over to our Instagram page and share with us your resolutions by either by photo or video. It’s easy, just follow these basic guidelines below and who knows… maybe you’ll be on our blog next week.

  1. Capture a quick 15 second video or submit a photo of your New Year’s resolution. You can do this with your phone or a camera, it’s up to you!
  2. Upload your clip to Instagram and tag your video or photo with the hashtag #TMR14. Using this hashtag allows us to track your resolutions in order for us to share it!

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We’ll then sort through all resolutions after the new year and share them here for you to enjoy. Have a safe and happy holiday.

New Years Resolution Instagram #TMR14