8 Quirky Fashion Pieces to Wear to a Comedy Show

8 Quirky Fashion Pieces to Wear to a Comedy Show

Deciding what to wear to a comedy show can be a challenge, but also an opportunity to make your own clever statement. You might not be able to get away with rocking a spaceship-themed purse or a donut sweater just anywhere, but we have a feeling that a comedy-loving audience will surely appreciate the offbeat style.

In the lighthearted spirit of comedy shows, here are a few silly and decidedly quirky style pieces that might spark a little more laughter before, during, and even after the event.

Quirky Ideas for What to Wear to a Comedy Show

Unicorn Sweater
This whimsical and super cozy sweatshirt ($124) not only has a cute “I’m a unicorn” phrase emblazoned on the front, it also features a unicorn horn on the hood. Go laid-back to a comedy show by pairing it with jeans or dressing it up with a flowy dress.

Banana Face T-Shirt
This wacky t-shirt ($36) with a sunglasses and banana face will fit right in with the light and funny spirit that fills the air at comedy shows. Finish off the laid-back look with jeans and sneakers or dress it up with a casual blazer.

Dinosaur Socks
If going all out with wearing something silly isn’t your jam, go subtle with a pair of dinosaur socks ($15.50) instead. Wear them with cuffed jeans so that just a little bit of dinosaur peeks out.

Donut Sweater
We have a feeling Homer Simpson would love this. There’s nothing more out-of-the-box than this cool knit sweater ($22.90) covered in sprinkled donuts. Balance out the look by wearing it with black jeans and sneakers.

Heart-Printed Sneakers
Ditch your basic sneakers for the comedy show and go with these fun black Converse shoes ($160) covered in playful red hearts. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral and just let these babies shine on their own.

Space Invader Purse
How fun is this UFO-inspired backpack ($1,395)? It’s complete with gold metallic star details and an interior alien pouch. Rock it with an all-black-everything outfit to go along with the space theme. Looking for a budget-friendly option? Here’s an awesome DIY tutorial on how to make an alien bag.

Starman Shoes
You might get some funny looks wearing these shiny oxfords ($895) to the grocery store, but they’ll be sure to turn heads a comedy show—in a good way. What makes them special is their hologram stars and platinum metallic finish.

Magic Rabbit Hat
If this glittery magical purse ($358)—complete with bunny ears—doesn’t make you chuckle, we don’t know what will. The best part: It’s nice and roomy so you can sneak in some snacks to enjoy during the show.

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