Upcoming Pop Artists: Who to Look Out For in 2017

Upcoming Pop Artists: Who to Look Out For in 2017

Betty Who

Betty Who was born Jessica Anne Newham in Sydney, Australia, where she lived until she moved to the United States as a teenager. A cellist since age four, she met future producer Peter Thomas while they were both enrolled at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and decided to collaborate on pop songs that made people feel good. Since her 2013 premiere single “Somebody Loves You” became a viral hit, she’s racked up millions of streams and made countless fans with a bouncy modern dance pop sound that drawns on the pastel-colored 1980s for inspiration. Her sophomore album “The Valley” boasts earworms such as “Mama Say” and “Human Touch” that never fail to electrify audiences at her show.

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Band members Nate (guitar), David (keys) and Zach (vocals) came together during numerous dorm room sessions while attending Berklee College of Music and Emerson College. The three aspiring songwriters and producers shared offbeat musical tastes and a love of big pop melodies. After several years honing their skills, they stepped out as performers themselves, and thanks to a robust social media following, landed a recording contract with the storied Atlantic Records. After a growing online buzz thanks to early runaway hits like “Cross My Mind” and “Ocean’s Away” A R I Z O N A celebrated the release of their debut album GALLERY on May 19th.

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This talented trio was first brought together by a serendipitous confluence of friendship and fate when LA-based singer-songwriter Paul Jason Klein (vocals/keys/guitar) decided to take a trip to Nashville to visit his pals Jake Goss (drums) and Les Priest (keys/guitar/vocals). Although they didn’t intend the project to be permanent, they began posting songs to anonymous SoundCloud account. With text message-referent titles like “(OMG),” “BRB” and their hit “ILYSB,” the streams started adding up, as did attention from major labels. Fast forward to 2017: LANY is currently on their second headlining tour and prepping for the release of their debut album – due out on June 30, 2017 via Polydor Records.

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L.A.’s freshest queer pop group MUNA is all about breaking the mold. From their stylish and defiant pop sound to their futuristic fashion, MUNA is a group entirely their own. Incorporating a unique blend of shoegazing guitars, pulsating basslines, and radio-ready hooks it’s still the emotional messages of their songs that truly resonate with fans. Released in February 2017, their debut album About U manages to encapsulate all of this, delivering a tight 12-track experience. Lead by their anthemic single “I Know A Place,” the album effectively explores a multitude of emotional highs and lows, providing a memorable introduction to the world according to MUNA.

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Jack & Jack

Jack & Jack were best friends long before they began posting videos of their silly antics to Vine. In 2014, Jack & Jack debuted their buoyant blend of lush vocal choruses and motor-mouthed flows, seamlessly transitioning from six-second videos to Billboard Hot 100 success. Early singles like “Wild Life,” “Like That,” and “Doing It Right” earned them a fun-loving teen fanbase and found them collaborating with artists like Shawn Mendes and Steve Aoki. Their latest project, a five track EP titled GONE, was released on May 26th to much fanfare. The project marks the beginning of the duo’s shift towards more R&B influenced sounds.

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