Checklist: Pack the Perfect Bag for Your Toddler’s First Live Concert or Event

Checklist: Pack the Perfect Bag for Your Toddler’s First Live Concert or Event


While even ordinary days are an adventure when you have kids, it’s always great to take the whole family out now and then for an exciting change of pace. Mommy blogger Nicole Gonzalez is here to save you from over-packing for live events, while still being prepared. Watch the video (or read the transcript below), then see all the family fun that Minimaster on Ticketmaster has to offer.

As a mama of two, I feel like I’ve mastered the art of packing a kid-friendly bag. I remember with my oldest [now 5 years old] we would pack up everything plus the kitchen sink wherever we went. Over the years I’ve learned to pare down and only pack what we truly need (plus a few necessary extras of course). That being said, depending on where you’re headed, the inside of your bag will need to make sense for the occasion. Below I’ve put together some tips for packing the perfect travel bag for your next live event with a baby or toddler (or in my case both).

A Backpack

A backpack is crucial to me as I love being hands free. A traditional diaper bag will slide and wiggle and keep you weighed down. Anyone else hate the feeling of having your bag slide down your arm while you are trying to wrangle little ones?!

A Lightweight Blanket

You never know what the temperature will be inside of a stadium or theater and some can be chilly. You don’t want to pack a bulky blanket, but a thin muslin one will do the trick to keep those little legs nice and cozy. It’s also great to roll up as a make shift pillow in case anyone needs a mid-show nap.


One extra set of clothes for each child. Again the key here is to pack lightweight fabrics so they don’t take up too much room in your bag and can be folded easily. You never know when there will be a spill from any drinks or snacks (or a dreaded potty accident).

Other Essentials

  • Travel charger for your phone. Don’t want to run out of juice and miss a cute family pic.
  • A changing pad (and diapers and wipes of course) for those with little ones still in diapers.
  • One “busy” activity (I never pack more than one of these) such as a small coloring book/crayons or a small toy you know they love. This is great for times such as intermission.
  • Your camera. A Polaroid camera is always a favorite of mine to bring along – don’t forget to check with the venue to see what kind of camera equipment is allowed inside!
  • Snacks for the kiddos (again, check with the venue beforehand).

All set, with Nicole’s advice you’re totally ready for unforgettable family fun – just add verified tickets! Shop all the amazing events you’ll find only on Minimaster, and have a blast together.

About the Author: Nicole Gonzalez is the NYC mama behind the blog Lillies and León. Check out her recent video about what to pack for days out with the kids. Oh, and follow Nicole’s Instagram for even more family photo and video inspiration.