Ticketmaster Glossary of Terms

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Ticketmaster Glossary of Terms


What would browsing our website be without a glossary of terms to help you navigate? Below you’ll find a glossary of commonly used phrases and terms. Use this as a point of reference to better understand our website and to answer your frequently asked questions.



Accessible Seating

Handicapped accessible seating at an entertainment venue.



Blog, as in Ticketmaster Insider (Formerly called the Ticketmaster Blog)

Check it out for the latest tips, tricks and news from the Ticketmaster Team.



Care of Box Office

A term In the UK and Ireland, known in the United States as Will Call.



Delivery Options

Ticketmaster provides a variety of delivery options so that you, the fan, can have the best ticketing and live music experience.



Entertainment Guides

Genre and sport specific guides to help you the fan navigate and find the right event for you or to get informed about all upcoming events.



Fan Guarantee

Ticketmaster’s direct guarantee and promise to you the fan.


Fan Reviews

A web module used by the Ticketmaster website where fans can write in-depth reviews about their recent event experience. Be sure to write a review to help other fans out.



General Admission (GA)

General Admission seats are where fans sit where they like rather than having an allocated seat. Thinking standing room and all the fun. Also known as Gen Ad, Gen Adm or simply GA.



Hot Tickets

A tab on the Ticketmaster Homepage, showing Ticketmaster’s current best selling and hottest events.



Interactive Seat Map (ISM)

            A website tool on the Ticketmaster site that provides an interactive map of the selected venue so the fan can see where they will be sitting. Use this tool to pick your favorite spot, choose wisely!



Kiosk, Ticketmaster Kiosk

Pick up your purchased tickets from any of these locations, also knows as retail outlets.



Limited View

A limited view seat or standing room offers an obstructed view of the playing surface. A pole, railing, beam, wall or other object will significantly block a portion of the user’s view. The scoreboard at center ice may not be visible.




Also known as “MyAccount”.An area on the ticketmaster site where you can amange and adjust all of your account settings and view all past and future purchased tickets. Create an account and log in!



Non-Smoking Area

No smoking allowed in this area




Ticketmaster events before they initially go on sale to the general public.




Internet presales give you exclusive online access to tickets before they go on sale to the general public! Presales are open to specific groups of fans, such as fan club members or season ticket holders, and to participate you need a password, which is provided by the artist, team, venue, or promoter. Looking for exclusive codes? Follow us on Facebook!



Refund Policy

Ticketmaster provides a full refund on tickets for participating venues and teams if you change your mind within 72 hours of purchase.



Shipping Options

We offer multiple shipping or Delivery options to make the live event experience as easy a possible for you.



Ticketfast or Ticketmaster Mobile Entry

Tickets that you, the fan, use from your phone, only available from the Ticketmaster mobile app. Download the Ticketfast app today. Please note this only works at venues who currently accept mobile entry.


Ticket Deals

Ticket Deals is a section within our website where the best deals for upcoming events are featured.




A shipping method for ticketmaster tickets



VIP Pass

Very important person (VIP) pass for an event, usually granting exclusive access to an area



Will Call

Customer tickets that will be at the Box Office for them to collect, as opposed to having them mailed. In the UK and Ireland this is known as COBO (Care Of Box Office).