Why Fans Love the Ticketmaster App in 10 Tweets

Why Fans Love the Ticketmaster App in 10 Tweets

Of course you can buy tickets on your phone with the Ticketmaster App, but you might not know about all the other great features packed into this pint-sized powerhouse of ticket awesomeness.

10. You Won’t Want to Put It Down

With access to the hottest events and notifications to tell you when tickets go on sale, it can be hard to stop playing with your new ticket-savvy BFF. No other friend has ever hooked you up like this.

9. Goodbye, Captcha!

Score tickets with one less roadblock. Activate push notifications in the app and say “Hasta la vista” to interpreting those annoying squiggly letters.

8. Your Phone Is Your Ticket

The one thing you always carry is all you need to get in for most events. It’s a great backup plan in case you leave your tickets at home… or if you want to save a tree.

7. You Can Use Apple Pay

No need to bust out a credit card in a crowded place. Snag tickets with your iOS device and trusty finger. Just don’t lose that digit!

6. Know When Your Favorites Play

Fans get the drop on tickets with alerts that tell you when and where must-see events are going down.

5. You Can Send Tickets to Friends

Getting tickets to friends has never been easier. No more waiting for that one friend who’s always late—just make sure they have the app.

4. Google Play Featured It!

In addition to all the fan encouragement, we got a little bit of love from the folks at Google Play—who apparently couldn’t stop clicking either.

3. Buy Tickets Anywhere

You don’t have to sit at home waiting for tickets to go on sale. Do what you normally do, whip out your phone wherever you are and score tickets with our app. It’s not like you’re doing anything better in that coffee line, anyway.

2. See What’s Happening Around the Corner

Just open up the Ticketmaster App and you’ll have a list of everything coming up in your area—another great way to find out about shows you’ll love.

1. Always Making Gains

We’re constantly beefing up the app with new features to help you get in to more fun. This latest update makes it easier to buy and send tickets to friends. And you’ll never guess what’s next…

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