An Open Letter to Fans and Partners on Ticket Reselling – Part 2

An Open Letter to Fans and Partners on Ticket Reselling – Part 2


Last week, I wrote about why fans want and deserve a better ticket resale experience, and why our partners (artists, teams, venues, performing arts centers, etc.) should be part of that process as well. Today I’m going to show you how our clients can choose to create transparent, fan-friendly links between pages on Ticketmaster and pages on TicketsNow. This will provide fans more ticket options and in the process clients will participate in the revenue generated from the resulting ticket resale transactions. The concept is pretty simple: when a fan searches on Ticketmaster for tickets but there aren’t tickets available under those parameters, he or she gets a “no tickets found” page. Clients who choose to place our fan-friendly, fan-tested links to TicketsNow on these “no tickets found” pages will share in the revenue from transactions generated by these links. We will digitally authenticate tickets that are bought this way via our TicketFast ® product, and allow fans to print them at home, knowing they are legitimate and safe, providing the best experience possible for the fan as well as the venue.

As a result, fans will now have a safe and convenient place to see the full range of options and buy the ticket that is right for them. Brokers and fans, in turn, will have a safe and targeted place to resell tickets. And, our clients can, for the first time, participate in the revenue and the customer data from the resale marketplace so they can get to know everyone that is coming to the event.

What It Looks Like

To be clear, this is a time-tested and proven solution. In fact, we’ve been doing this in partnership with a number of clients for seve
ral years now. The NFL, the USTA and the WWE are a few examples of clients who have utilized this approach with great results and happy fans. The messaging on our resale websites was enhanced as we have been focused on building a consumer experience that is absolutely transparent and fan-friendly. The consumer experience looks like this (we’re using our sister company Live Nation for demonstration purposes)—

The fan receives this message that the tickets they are searching for are not found:

If the fan selects the TicketsNow option, a transfer message also appears:

Once arriving on the TicketsNow resale marketplace, a message welcomes the fan and reiterates that they are on a resale marketplace. As with all of our tools, clients, if they wish, can brand this resale marketplace to any brand of their choosing, as the NFL and USTA do today. Information clearly notes that ticket listings and prices are related to resale.

As you can see from the screen shots, our efforts to be totally transparent and provide the ticket purchaser with clarity about TicketsNow are truly unique amongst resale marketplaces. Some of our competitors currently have similar types of links between primary and resale marketplaces. In our case these links will only be integrated if our clients choose to participate, and when these links are deployed it will be in an authentic, safe and secure way for fans. Our goal is to lead changes in the resale ticket market by adopting practices that protect the fan, and provide them with a very secure environment in which to make their purchases.

Some will likely spin this initiative into a tale about how Ticketmaster is attempting to “control” the secondary market, an easy shot to take. The truth is that Ticketmaster doesn’t control tickets, our clients (venues, artists, teams, performing arts centers) do. We think they should be able to participate in the secondary market if they choose to do so, as the secondary market is built on their hard work.

We respect consumer choice as well as the choices of our clients, which is why we will only offer this solution in cases where our clients decide this is the best solution for their fans. We’re excited to announce this option and look forward to rolling it out for fans and clients in the coming months. Please help us get better and give us your input and feedback as we work to create the best live event experience in the world.

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