This Week In Music Recap: 7/31-8/4

This Week In Music Recap: 7/31-8/4

August 1st was a big day for live music, full of surprises and tributes as artists like Green Day and Lady Gaga kicked off their North American Tours.

Green Day brought their Billboard hits and renowned enthusiasm to stage in Washington, performing some of their classics, including “American Idiot” and “Good Riddance.”

The first show of their Revolution Radio tour was made pretty special when the rockers brought fans on stage to sing along to not only one song, but two.

After some lucky chosen ones sang along to the verses to “Longview” and “Know Your Enemy”, Green Day performed “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” in tribute to Chester Bennington.



Up north, fans went Gaga for the start of the Joanne World Tour. Lady Gaga kicked off her first show with “Diamond Heart” off her new record Joanne, followed up with her 2008 smash hit “Poker Face.”

Later the played an acoustic piano version of “The Edge of Glory” and a moving rendition of “Dancin in Circles” that beautifully honored the LGBTQ community, before ending her set with an encore of her big 2016 single, “Million Reasons.”



In other, outdoor news, the Panorama Music Festival made fans of all genres, but especially R&B and Hip-Hop, very happy this past weekend.

The line-up of artists included Solange, Kiiara, and Nine Inch Nails, and festival-goers experienced what was both an exciting and emotional rollercoaster of an event.

NIN played a soul rattling show that included an uncharacteristically somber moment in their minimal cover of David Bowie’s “I Can’t Give Everything Away,” and French electro group Justice played a set so lit that the power blew out!

Mura Masa and Desiigner came together for “All Around the World” and left the crowd pumped for future performers, but no one was prepared for what A Tribe Called Quest had to say to their fans.

A Tribe Called Quest by Barry Brecheisen

“This is our last show here in New York. This is it as Tribe,” the hip-hop pioneers told the stunned crowd. They spent their last moments on stage in NYC together as a platform to honor their late member, Phife Dawg and thanked their fans for supporting them during their twenty-nine-year career.
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