The Come Up with ODESZA

The Come Up with ODESZA

Seattle electronic duo ODESZA (Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight) mix bouncy synths, crackling drums, and symphonic samples to create undeniably catchy pop gems that have captivated fans. Within months from when Mills and Knight had their first collaborations at Western Washington University, where they met as students, ODESZA released their genre-straddling 2012 debut Summer’s Gone. Their 2014 album In Return further refined the group’s electropop strengths, and the duo proved they were just as skilled on stage with their multi-leg In Return tour.

Good news for ODESZA fans around the globe, they just announced their Fall 2015 In Return World Tour, including dates in the US (hint: tickets go on sale today).

Ticketmaster caught up with the guys in ODESZA to chat about their meteoric rise up the EDM DJ charts, life on the road, and what the band is looking forward to in the future.

TICKETMASTER: When you started touring you opened for some well-established artists. What were some of the highlights of these experiences and what lessons did you learn from touring with artists like Bonobo, Emancipator, Pretty Lights and Chromeo?

ODESZA: Each artist we toured with taught us quite a bit. For instance, Bonobo’s live band was as professional as it gets while still acting like a close family. They had played over 120 shows that year alone, and yet they kept such a positive energy on and off the stage. It showed us how you can work as a unit, not only ourselves as a band but everyone we collaborate with on the road.

TICKETMASTER: Tell us about some of the bands you have had open for you on your recent In Return tour. Artists like Hayden James, Ambassadeurs, Big Wild, and RAC.

ODESZA: We are heavily involved in which artists tour with us. We often pick the artists we are most excited about at the moment. It feels like everyone we’ve toured with has become a close friend. When you’re on the road with someone for months on end, you find out pretty quick if you’re going to get along. We’ve been really lucky to only tour with incredibly talented and like-minded producers.

TICKETMASTER: You are playing a ton of festivals this season. Give us a favorite highlight about a festival you’ve played.

ODESZA: Sasquatch! was a huge highlight because it’s a local festival for us and the first one both of us had ever been to. We got to see a lot of close friends and hometown support. Coachella is another highlight. Being joined on stage by the USC Marching Band Drum Line as well as our horn section and live singers was a height we never thought we’d reach and it brought the live show to a completely new level.

ODESZA Coachella 2015 USC marching band live horns live singers
ODESZA performs with the USC marching band, live singers and horn section at Coachella 2015. Photo by: Sean Kusanagi

TICKETMASTER: Are there any venues or shows you’re especially excited to play on your upcoming tour in the fall?

ODESZA: The Paramount! Legendary Seattle venue we’ve never played. It’s quite an honor.

TICKETMASTER: What are your favorite hometown venues and festivals to play in or near Seattle, WA?

ODESZA: We love the Showbox Market, Neumos, Sasquatch! and the Wild Buffalo. All these places are landmarks for us in our career and where we saw some of the best live music growing up.

ODESZA live at Showbox Seattle EDM DJ Interview
ODESZA performs to an amped up crowd at one of the band’s favorite Seattle venues The Showbox on October 24, 2014. (Photo by: Bronson Snelling)