Taking Pictures of Kids: 5 Tips to Take the Best Candid Family Photos

Taking Pictures of Kids: 5 Tips to Take the Best Candid Family Photos


I guess itโ€™s no secret that I love using my iPhone and Instagram to come up with picture ideas for kids. In fact, there are so many occasions where I don’t even bother packing my “big girl” camera because I don’t want to lug it around. I feel confident enough photographing and taking pictures of kids with my trusty phone. And don’t get me started on Instagram. I absolutely love sharing our family moments on IG. It’s quick, easy, and the community response makes it extra special.

Here are some general rules of thumb that I follow when capturing photos and videos of my children (especially during events with lots of action). Maybe you can put them to use at your next concert, sports game, musical, or family event.

Tip #1: Move down to their eye level.


What I mean by this is change your perspective when taking your shot. Instead of standing up and looking through the lens at your much higher view, get down to your child’s eye level. See the stage the way they are seeing it. Take close up shots of their expression as their favorite characters grace the stage. Look at their eyes. Look at their smile.

Tip #2: Back it up to get the big picture.


As much as I love close up pics, it’s also amazing to look back on your day and remember the experience as a whole. What does the stage look like? What does the audience look like? What are the color of the curtains? See how small your child looks in a sea of people.

Tip #3: Never miss a beat with burst mode.


When your child is up and dancing in the aisle or clapping their hands with excitement after an amazing performance it’s hard to capture it in just one still shot. Use the burst mode and you are sure to get several amazing keepers of the moment.

Tip #4: Enhance with editing.


There are so many amazing filters within Instagram and many other apps to edit your content. My go-to and most trusted app for image editing is Vsco. I’ve tried many others but always come back to this one. Use the filters to enhance your captures and watch your images come to life. You can also do this manually in Instagramโ€™s advanced settings for some more control over the contrast, saturation, and brightness of your image. Iโ€™ve also heard that Canva is great new app for making fun designs out of your photography and easily sharing to Instagram and social media, but I havenโ€™t checked it out yet.

Tip #5: Donโ€™t forget video.

Take video footage of your child before and after the event. Talk to them and ask them questions about how excited they are and what they’re most looking forward to seeing. After the event ask what their favorite part was. My home videos are some of my most priceless memories. It freezes time in a sense. You look back and see their beautiful little faces and tiny bodies in motion (and absolutely gush over hearing their voices). Bonus: you can post minute-long videos on Instagram.

About the Author: Nicole Gonzalez is the NYC mama behind the blog Lillies and Leรณn. Check out her recent video about what to pack for your toddler’s first event. Oh, and follow Nicoleโ€™s Instagram for even more family photo and video inspiration.

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