What To Bring To Your Next Tailgating Event?

What To Bring To Your Next Tailgating Event?

Let’s face it; half the fun of going to a football game is the pre-game tailgating with friends and family. There’s nothing better than bonding and barbecuing with other fans. And there’s nothing worse than a bad tailgating experience. That’s why we have put together this quick Tailgating Checklist for you. So next time you head to a football game, check our list and make sure you’ve got everything covered.

Comfortable Chair: First things first. After you’ve parked your car, you’ll need to park yourself. You’re likely looking at several hours of tailgating time, so be sure to pack a comfortable, foldable chair, and get your pre-game on!

Layers:  Lots of Layers. And hand warmers. And blankets. And more layers. ‘Cause even in the warmer parts of the country, it’s cold outside.

Food: And not just any food. Tailgating food. Which reminds us…

Grill: You definitely don’t want to forget that. What would tailgating be without it? Oh, and don’t forget to grill utensils, charcoal, oven mitts and fuel or coals for that hot grill.

Entertainment. Sitting and eating can only amuse you for so long. Bring along some entertainment. Try a portable game, like bags, or bring a football to throw around with your buddies. Also, what would grilling out be without your favorite music jams? Don’t forget that portable radio and crank up the tunes!

Garbage bags: The parking lot will surely have garbage barrels, but who’s got time to walk a few dozen yards to toss their trash? Keep garbage bags close at hand, you’ll need them as you make your mad dash to the stadium.

TicketsSure, it sounds obvious. But if there’s one thing you don’t want to forget, it’s your ticket in.

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