Celebrate #StarWarsDay with John Williams

Celebrate #StarWarsDay with John Williams


The theater darkens, anticipation rises, and the words, “A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…” come into focus. Then those iconic yellow letters burst onto the screen and the Star Wars theme song crashes over the audience. In that moment, when the unmistakable overture plays, you can’t help but feel like anything’s possible—like you could single-handedly (pun intended) face Darth Vader and defeat the Empire.

Who’s the man behind the powerful Star Wars movie score?

Composer, conductor, pianist and Maestro of the Movies, John Williams, is the man who brought the epic Star Wars theme song, and score for the entire trilogy, to life. He’s a Hollywood icon with a long track-record turning raw emotions into music notes, enhancing the talent of some of the greatest actors and actresses of all time.

Jaws theme? He composed that. Indiana Jones? Yeah, that too. Not to mention E.T., Hook, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan—and the list goes on. And the best part? You can catch John Williams live in Los Angeles!

John Williams performing at Hollywood Bowl - Find tickets at ticketmaster.com
John Williams

See the Stars Wars theme—and more—performed live at the Hollywood Bowl.

You can catch John Williams once a year, at the end of August in the legendary Hollywood Bowl. He’ll be performing some of his greatest movie scores—including his music from Star Wars. Of course, tickets to see John Williams, Maestro of the Movies are slated to go on sale 5/4/2014. Grab yours as soon as you can—and May the fourth be with you.