Solid Gold: San Francisco 49ers and Fans Strike Football Paydirt

Solid Gold: San Francisco 49ers and Fans Strike Football Paydirt
Pics taken by fans at live events and submitted to Ticketmaster Fan Reviews. (Photos by Ticketmaster members: ALG938, Bosbruin4, juudoo, MuffinsMum, SonyaR10)

California isn’t called the Golden State because of all the sunshine and pristine beaches. And it isn’t that the state rests on a massive collection of solid gold.

Rather, California is associated with that valuable mineral for the sheer number of sports teams that play up and down its scenic coasts. If it involves catching, kicking, or throwing a ball, you can watch it somewhere in Cali.

California’s sports scene wasn’t always so golden, though. When the San Francisco 49ers set up shop in 1946, they were the first major league team to play in the City by the Bay and one of a handful to make the Pacific Coast their home. This was long before the glory days of the Dodgers or Lakers.

Perhaps that’s why the 49ers have some of the most colorful and committed fans in the NFL. And their enthusiasm has paid off in gold as well, with the 49ers winning an astounding five Super Bowl trophies (out of six appearances).

Golden fans
San Francisco isn’t exactly a hop, skip, and a jump from Los Angeles. Still, this geographical distance hasn’t stopped Hollywood A-listers from flocking to the sidelines at Levi’sĀ® Stadium in nearby Santa Clara for 49ers game days. On any given Sunday, you can see the likes of:
ā€¢ Samuel L. Jackson
ā€¢ Alison Brie
ā€¢ Owen Wilson
ā€¢ Jennifer Garner
ā€¢ Colin Hanks

Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Matt Kemp may well be the biggest 49ers fan. One year, he traded a signed bat for a jersey signed by several players. Hope they threw in some nachos to boot.

The 49ers: football and pop stars
Not many professional football teams can call themselves pop stars, but a chunk of the 49ers’ 1984 lineup can.

That year, several players released a little ditty called “We’re the 49ers,” which was eventually released as a 45 vinyl record. The song never made it atop the Billboard charts, but it was featured heavily on several FM stations around the Bay Area.

Who could resist such catchy lines as “We’re the 49ers! We’re dynamite! We’re dynamite!” Or that sweet, sweet bassline provided by a pre-“American Idol” Randy Jackson?

These days, players and fans alike are more obsessed with Future’s “Tony Montana,” which players once used during warm-up. Now, you can hear an entire stadium chanting along to the lyrics in a dazzling display of camaraderie.

But would it kill anyone to play “We’re the 49ers” just once?

A bright future
From 1971 to 2013, the 49ers called Candlestick Park their home. Since 2014, the 49ers have called Levi’s Stadium home. And what a place to hang their helmets: a multi-million dollar facility with the latest in modern sports technology. The stadium has its own foghorn situated just below the south-side video board. The accoutrement, painted red, calls to fans to start new traditions in this amazing facility that will last a lifetime.

One way that Levi’sĀ® Stadium is leading the charge on new traditions is through using technology. The Levi’s Stadium App lets fans buy their tickets, order food right from their seats and find transportation back home. The app also tracks user data, which allows people to make suggestions for things like food and beverage.