10 Shania Twain Music Videos to Get You Excited for the Rock This Country Tour

10 Shania Twain Music Videos to Get You Excited for the Rock This Country Tour
Shania Twain performs at the Calgary Stampede at Scotiabank Saddledome on July 10, 2014 in Calgary, Canada. (Photo by Melissa Renwick/Getty Images)

If you were alive and had working eardrums in the late 90’s/early 00’s, odds are your radio was playing one of the countless country-pop hits by Shania Twain. With an abundance of female power and sass, the Canadian darling managed to attain the status of best-selling female country artist of all time, and still holds that record to this day. The affect of her music on the country genre is unmistakable as her music focused on empowering women while still embracing her brimming femininity.

Shania Twain is ready to give us more of that spicy country pop that the world has come to adore her for. On June 5th, she’s going on the road one final time with her Rock This Country Tour, so we’re here to get you properly amped. Check out these iconic videos that made you fall in love with her way back when and just you try not to sing along with every last word.

From her last studio album Up, Twain made sure to go out with a bang. “I’m Gonna Getcha Good” is representative of that feisty, go-get-em style that the Queen of Country Pop introduced to us over a decade ago. And with a tight leather suit like that, we all better listen if we know what’s good for us.

MAN, I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN (Come on Over, 1997)
Probably—no—absolutely the definitive anthem of Twain’s career, “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” redefined how pop stars could empower women through music. Slowly stripping away the androgynous layers of clothing, the music video shows girls how to embrace the unique awesomeness of being a girl with Twain’s usual flirty flare. This track is one of the many others that earned the album Come on Over the illustrious status of best-selling album by a female artist ever!

ANY MAN OF MINE (The Woman in Me, 1995)
Her second studio album The Woman in Me focuses less on pop and more on country, but it stills garners that no-nonsense attitude that can be trailed throughout Twain’s career. With “Any Man of Mine,” Twain lays out exactly what she needs from her man, and she’ll be darned if she doesn’t get it.

FROM THIS MOMENT ON (Come on Over, 1997)
She may know how to throw a punch, but Twain also shines when she embraces her sensitive side. Fluid and orchestral, “From this Moment On” shows the elegant beauty of Twain’s vocals. And like most of her videos, she’s not afraid to look straight into the camera and belt her heart out.

TODAY IS YOUR DAY (Today is Your Day, 2011)
The first single released after her premature departure from the music scene, “Today is Your Day” shows the ceaseless optimism in Twain’s work. Showing clips of her reality show, Why Not? with Shania Twain, the video invites us to take a look at what the legend has been getting up to during her hiatus.

YOU’RE STILL THE ONE (Come on Over, 1997)
If you haven’t noticed, Come on Over is an album brimming with beloved hits. “You’re Still the One” has become one of Twain’s hallmark ballads that oozes heartfelt melodies. You’ll also begin to notice the recurring theme of good-lookin’ men in nearly all of her videos. Coincidence? I think not.

If we needed another example of Twain’s willingness to call guys out for their nonsense, here it is in full-fledged country glory. If the title of the song wasn’t emblematic enough, the video encapsulates the hometown-girl style she rocked in her earlier years.

“Forever and For Always” is another example of Twain’s tender-hearted love songs that flowed through her career. Depicting the stalwart bond between two people from childhood till old age, this music video is just as sweet as Twain’s warm voice.

HONEY, I’M HOME (Live, 1999; Come on Over, 1997)
Just so you get a gist of the level of energy Twain brings to her live shows, feast your eyes on this performance of “Honey, I’m Home.” If she even has an ounce of that panache, then we’ll all be punching and kicking the air right along with her.

THAT DON’T IMPRESS ME MUCH (Come on Over, 1997)
Once again, Twain proves how standing up for what you want is the only way to go. “That Don’t Impress Me Much” urges guys to go beyond material possessions when it comes to impressing the ladies, and shows girls that the real gold lies beneath the surface. The catchy lyrics are impossible not to at least lip-sync with.