We’re sending Grandma to the Super Bowl

We’re sending Grandma to the Super Bowl

Ticketmaster sending Grandma to the Super Bowl

Grandma is going to the Super Bowl! That’s right, Ticketmaster and the NFL Ticket Exchange surprised Marjorie Stockham (Grandma) this week with tickets to the Super Bowl. Grandma is on her way to New York City/New Jersey to root on her favorite team the Seahawks in the Big Game! We couldn’t be more excited about sending one of the Seahawks’ biggest super fan to the biggest game of the year! Why is she the Seattle Seahawks’ #1 fan? Let us share with you why….

Grandma has been rooting on the Seattle Seahawks since almost before we (and the Seahawks) were in business dating all the way back to 1979. She’s been wearing the same Seahawk earrings for 30-some years and always makes sure she’s wearing them when the team needs a big win. Her passion for the Seahawks started when she landed an ushering job at the Kingdome.

Three decades later, the experience continues. She’s now the gatekeeper at CenturyLink Field’s club level. She claims to be the “Richard Sherman” of crowd control. She told reporters “They wait for a big crowd to come in and they shoosh around the side but I’ve always got them. I hang onto ’em too!”

In the spirit of the 12th man in Seattle, Grandma’s family launched a Facebook campaign titled “Send Grandma to the Super Bowl.” Her son’s only hope was that if enough people saw the Facebook page, her dream of going to Super Bowl could come true! Her family claims she’s the “ultra fan” and we couldn’t agree more. Players have called her mom for years. She is the most loyal fan a team could wish for!

Marjorie, your wish to go to the Super Bowl came true this week and we’re happy to be a part of it. The Facebook page found its way to our offices here in Los Angeles from King 5 News in Seattle. See, we too are fans too and are humbled by how passionate of a fan you are. It’s quite amazing how one big live event can bring the biggest fans together across the nation together.

So Marjorie (or Grandma), this Sunday your only job is to put your passion to work and root on the Seahawks to victory!

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