Thanks Senator Schumer *blush*

Thanks Senator Schumer *blush*


If you live in New York you probably have heard about the unbelievable benefit concert next week, the 121212 event to benefit Hurricane Sandy Victims. With an epic line up of artists these are the hottest tickets in town. Many more fans want to go to this concert than there are tickets and this also means that nefarious brokers are interested in purchasing tickets as well. As with any onsale, we blocked thousands of their BOT requests (here is more on our fight against BOTS). We are also continuing the work of carefully reviewing the orders and cancelling tickets if we find they were purchased by a nefarious broker that violated our terms of service. To date we have cancelled hundreds of tickets.

Today, Senator Schumer (D-NY) called for resale marketplaces to take down the posts for tickets and the Senator Tweeted:  Online ticket brokers should follow TicketsNow and TicketExchange and not allow scalpers to sell tickets for the Sandy relief concert.

We whole-heartedly applaud Senator Schumer (and we also want to thank him for the shout out!) for drawing attention to the disappointing activity on the secondary market for this charitable event.  At Ticketmaster, we proactively blocked all postings for this event on our resale marketplaces (TicketsNow and Ticket Exchange) in advance because we believe that no one but the Robin Hood Foundation should profit from this event.  This is our standard policy for all charitable events.

This could have been avoided if New York allowed paperless tickets. New York is the only state that bans this ticket type, which reduces nefarious brokering by 75%.