Remembering David Bowie with Beautiful Fan Art #FanArtFriday

Remembering David Bowie with Beautiful Fan Art #FanArtFriday
Photo of David Bowie; performing live onstage at Sydney Entertainment Centre on February 20, 2004. (Photo by: Bob King/ Getty Images/ Live Nation)

Millions of fans from all over the world are shocked and truly saddened by the tragic loss of legendary rock ‘n roll icon, David Bowie on Sunday to an 18-month battle with cancer. Many heartbroken admirers are taking to the web to pay tribute to the influential superstar in a number of unique and sentimental ways.  In honor of a man whose art made such a huge impact on so many of our lives, we rounded up a whole bunch of our favorite fan-made Bowie tributes from this week. Check them out down below:

A small tribute RIP Playing queen bitch on repeat.

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This awesome digital portrait of Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie comes to us from graphic illustrator @Steiner_USA and would make a super rad t-shirt design.


Artist @Helengreen made this beautiful GIF of the late, great Bowie in honor of his final album Blackstar, released just two days before his death.


Here is an excellent color pencil sketch of David in his iconic Alladin Sane lightning bolt make-up by @ClaireJacksonArtwork.


@FredRalda depicts a powerful scene from the Rock legend’s final music video for the song “Lazarus” with an epic digital graphic.


@Punkkittyy’s watercolor/ink portrait jumps off the canvas with her pretty use of Bowie’s trademark color combination.


Here is a dizzy-ingly awesome fan-made GIF from artist @kidmograph that feels like a warp speed travel through space (just how David would have liked it).


"He is not dead. He just went home." #DavidBowie

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Beautiful minimalist color and line work from @dimaiv_nov.


Here is a very cool sketch by @Emabonaffini that embodies the space traveling spirit of Bowie via a dope lightning bolt astronaut.


Another amazing portrait made from scratch with spray paint by the very talented @acetroy.


Who needs a canvas when you’ve got some perfectly good nails?! 😍 David Bowie nail art courtesy of @moyou_london.

Although we are deeply saddened by the loss of a legend, it has been absolutely heartwarming to see the world come together in his honor. Thank you for all the hard work, love, and passion that went into these pieces!