Provide Relief from Sandy with Your Ticket Purchase

Provide Relief from Sandy with Your Ticket Purchase

America Red Cross and Ticketmaster

In the tragic wake of Superstorm Sandy, are you wishing you could do more to help those affected by natural disasters? Ticketmaster and the American Red Cross have partnered to make it easy for you to contribute.

Last week we started accepting donations on behalf of the Red Cross here at When you buy your tickets, you have the option to donate increments of $5 to relief efforts, 100 percent of which go directly to the Red Cross. Generous fans from all over the country are already making contributions but as you can see from the news, many people are still in dire straits and need our help.

The campaign ends Monday, November 19. If you miss our deadline, remember the Red Cross will continue accepting donations for Superstorm Sandy relief efforts–as well as in support of people affected by other unfortunate disasters. Please make a donation today with your ticket purchase or go directly to the Red Cross Disaster Relief donation page.

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