15 Adorable Pets Dressed Up Like Live Entertainment Stars

15 Adorable Pets Dressed Up Like Live Entertainment Stars

Bringing pets to work is a part of our culture at Ticketmaster and we’d like to give our furry friends some extra special attention. Here are 15 adorable pets of Ticketmaster and Live Nation Entertainment staff dressed up like their favorite live entertainment celebrities, musicians, performers, athletes, and more.

1. Maki Boo as Korgi Perry

2. Baron Von Fluff loves to go backstage and get VIP TREATment
Baron Backstage2

3. Rex is inspired by fashionista Rihanna

4. Tinkerbell as 49ers quarterback Colin KATpernick
49ers quarterback Colin KATpernick cat jersey costume

5. Jakey channels his inner punk rocker
jakey punk rock

6. Mya loves the Indianapolis Colts

7. Ginger as Ke$ha

8. Might as Tim Armstrong and Yukon Cornelius as Lars from the band Rancid

9. Trixie dressed up as the big shark Mark Cuban

10. Ella as Nicki Minaj

11. Link the Shiba Inu dressed as a warrior
Link the Shiba

12. Athena as Princess Leia
Athena as Princess Leia

13. Fitz gets fancy for the theater
Fancy Fitz

14. Abby as Katy “Banana Split” Perry

15. Yukon Cornelius as Nikki Sixx
Yukon Tie