Paperless Ticketing Insights from Fans

Paperless Ticketing Insights from Fans

Ticketmaster is committed to making sure fans have the best event experience possible, and one of the ways we facilitate this is with paperless tickets. In addition to being eco-friendly and convenient, paperless tickets ensure that nefarious brokers can’t game the system by snatching up tickets with automated software (bots) and reselling them to fans at astronomical prices.

We’ve long held that paperless tickets deter underhanded nefarious brokers and help keep prices accessible to fans, and now we’ve got a real-world scenario to prove it.

Bruce Springsteen used paperless tickets for 20% of each venue’s seats during his 2012 Wrecking Ball Tour, and his fans couldn’t have been happier. In addition to reducing nefarious broker activity, paperless tickets were reported by fans to be both convenient and easy to use. We surveyed concertgoers about their paperless ticket experience and put together this snazzy infographic to outline the findings.

Some highlights:

  • 98% of fans report being displeased by bots cutting the line to buy tickets
  • 91% of fans found the entrance process to be easy and convenient
  • Paperless ticket holders were nearly twice as likely as paper ticket holders to be happy with the quality of their seats
  • 68% of fans think even more highly of the beloved Boss for using paperless tickets


Thanks, Bruce, for hooking up your fans and going paperless — they enjoyed the experience so much that 96% of them think you should use paperless ticketing again in the future.

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