Our interactive seat maps integrated with Facebook

Our interactive seat maps integrated with Facebook

We’ve spent a lot of time over the past year on two big ongoing goals:

One, obsess about the fan experience. Continue to innovate around all aspects of attending live events.

Two, make buying tickets more social. We want to continue to make shopping through our sites the most social eCommerce experience on the web.

One of our big efforts has been the development and rollout of our interactive seat maps. We now have more than 9,000 events on our sites with this new technology and we’ve learned a lot talking directly to consumers about how it’s impacted their purchase experience. One thing jumped out early on: people were buying tickets they would not have otherwise purchased because they could select seats near where friends or family were already sitting. Which got us thinking, that must take a fair amount of coordination – how can we make it easier?

At the same time we’ve also been busy weaving Facebook connections into various points of the ticket buying process and have had a ton of usage and adoption. Seventy-five percent of our traffic on Ticketmaster.com uses Facebook and we’ve seen great results with fans sharing their likes, recommendations and the events they are attending with their Facebook friends.

The combination of all of this has led to our latest product launch: the ability for buyers and event attendees to now have the option to share their seat location with their Facebook friends or even the entire Facebook community (if they choose) directly on the interactive maps on Ticketmaster.com and Livenation.com.

We know the best products come from listening to your customers, and we have a lot more in the works, but we’re especially excited to bring you this one. Click the video to see how it works or better yet, if you’ve bought recently from one of our interactive maps, go back and tag your seats. And as always, let us know what you think.