The Come Up with Old Dominion

The Come Up with Old Dominion
Recording artists Matthew Ramsey (L) and Brad Tursi of music group Old Dominion perform onstage during attends the 50th Academy Of Country Music Awards All Star Jam at AT&T Stadium on April 19, 2015 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by: Mike Windle/ ACM2015)

Old Dominion have been on our radar ever since their breakout hit “Break Up With Him” topped the country charts earlier this year. Just last month the band dropped their debut album Meat and Candy, and longtime fans love their mix of country authenticity and radio-ready hooks, and those just discovering the band will find their refreshing take on the classic country sound irresistible.

If you’re not familiar with the Nashville rockers, now’s the time to get to know them – check out the interview below to hear about their brand new album and experiences on the road, and don’t miss their upcoming concerts on tour.

Ticketmaster: Who were your big influences starting out and who influences you now?

Old Dominion: We’re all over the map. Between the five of us we had a wide range of influences growing up. Alabama, Motown, Pearl Jam, Huey Lewis. Everything on the radio. These days we are really inspired by our peers in the songwriting community in Nashville.

TM: Your debut album Meat and Candy came out on Nov. 6 and peaked at No. 5 on the country charts — what song from the record were you most excited for your fans to hear and why?

OD: That’s like picking your favorite child. Impossible. We really wanted to make sure there were no weak points so we are very proud of this entire album.

TM: What song from the new record is your favorite to play live?

OD: Well “Break Up With Him” is insane right now because the crowd goes nuts!

TM: Tell us a little bit about making the record. What was your favorite part?

OD: The best part about making this record was making sure we didn’t just copy our demos. We really dug in to each song and tried to create movement and moment in each one. We never want the listener to be bored. Plus, just being in a room making music with your friends is a really special thing.

TM: How would you describe the record to someone who doesn’t know your music yet?

OD: We’re pretty confident there is something for everyone on there. We are songwriters first, so we all really care about each song and because we’re an actual band — it has a sound all of its own.

TM: Can you share a link to a YouTube video that you like or that means a lot to you (it can be anything you want!) and tell us why you chose it?

OD: Because this proves you can write a great hooky song about anything.

TM: What are some songs on your music playlist right now?

OD: We listen to everything. Last night it was Hall & Oates. We’ve been listening to the entire Ryan Adams 1989. And Lunchmoney Lewis is popular with us right now.

TM: What was the first live event or concert you ever attended?

OD: For me, (Matt) it was Huey Lewis and the News. For Brad, a youth group trip to see Guns N Roses…haha.

TM: Describe your strangest onstage moment.

OD: Gillette Stadium. Kenny Chesney tour. Fell and busted my ass in front of a stadium full of people. There is slo-mo video of it.

TM: Can you share one picture with fans that’s on your phone right now?

OD: We recently did a benefit show in my hometown…which meant we got to park the bus in my parents’ driveway. Crazy seeing that thing next to the house I grew up in.

(Photo by: Old Dominion, 2015)
(Photo by: Old Dominion, 2015)

TM: Where are your favorite spots to perform?

OD: For us it’s all about the crowd. We’ve played the smallest hole-in-the-wall bars and we’ve played stadiums. The crowd is what makes the show a good one.

TM: Are there any cities or venues you’re particularly excited to play?

OD: We always love going to Chicago. Seattle is fun. But honestly, with a hit song that people know…now every city is fun.

In this edition of the Come Up we learn what’s new with Old Dominion, the country crossover sensation making waves with their pop and hip hop-influenced sound.