Nick Carter Answers Fan Questions & Says New BSB Record is His 2016 Goal

Nick Carter Answers Fan Questions & Says New BSB Record is His 2016 Goal

Nick Carter fans are in for a treat this year. The Backstreet Boys member is currently headed to intimate settings across the US and Canada for his All American Tour. The tour comes after his third solo album release All American late last November.

We caught up with Nick while he’s on his solo tour — he confirmed again that BSB is working on a new record for 2016 — plus, he got personal and answered a few recent fan questions from you via #AskNick at Twitter. Read on below

How excited are you for impending fatherhood?@BECCAKILAM91

Nick Carter: Really excited, but also a little nervous. I can’t wait to smother him in love and raise him in a happy environment.

What’s one thing you want to accomplish by the end of 2016?!@SHANNONBRYANA

Nick: Finish a new BSB record with the boys.

How does it feel to be back on the road with a solo project?@MADALINAIN

Nick: It’s a lot of fun. I get to try some new things that I don’t get to do with the boys. I’m excited to bring it to some new cities.

What is the best thing about performing in concerts?@MU5IC_FR3AK04

Nick: I love seeing the audience reactions and getting to connect with them. There’s something special that happens during the show, we forget all our problems and just have fun.

What other TV shows can we expect to see you on in 2016?@ANONSHEWROTE

Nick: My movie Dead 7 is premiering in April on SyFy television channel. Not exactly a TV show, but it counts!

Favorite dance move of @BackstreetBoys?@NKOTBSBGIRL2015

Nick: The Backstreet’s Back dance, it’s a classic.

What do you miss from #DWTS?@NESSACHEMIST

Nick: I miss the entire cast, we all got really close. Such a great bunch of people!

If an alien species brought you to see their leader, how would you introduce yourself & which song would you sing?#AskNick@WRITEONMYSOUL

Nick: Ha, that’s a tough one. The first song that came into my head was ‘Backstreet’s Back.’ I’d see if they could dance 😉

Who was your favorite pet?@NIALLTIME182

Nick: I can’t choose just one! All of my pets hold a special place in my heart.

What is your favorite scene from the #19in99 music video?@BSBROXTHEWORLD

Nick: I loved filming the whole thing. One of my favorite parts has to be AJ’s cameo as the pizza guy.

Do you and Lauren Kitt have some baby name ideas? (You don’t have to tell us them though!)@BSBROXTHEWORLD

Nick: We do, but we’re keeping it a secret until he’s born 😉

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