Music Festival Stories from Ticketmaster Fans

Music Festival Stories from Ticketmaster Fans

Festivals. The music, the crowd, the energy… All of these factors make up the one thing that really matters — the experience. Every festival goer has a unique experience and a special story to tell. Here are just a few inspiring stories from the #IWantFestTix submissions that stood out to us!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Thanks to everyone who entered the #IWantFestTix Photo contest. See all #IWantFestTix entries here.


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“My husband surprised me with a trip to see Def Leppard at the Joint in 2013. He paid for the VIP experience complete with premium seating and a meet & greet with the band. It was an amazing 22nd anniversary surprise! We have been Leppard fans since our teens in the 80s. But our relationship as a couple really included Leppard’s music in our lives! We rocked out as a new couple at the Hysteria Tour in ’87 and saw Leppard again in the ’93 Adrenalize Tour. In April ’91, we danced to the song “Hysteria” as our wedding song. In ’95, our only child Natalie was born and we raised her on Leppard’s great music. In June of ’99, Natalie was only 3 when we saw Leppard in a Wal-Mart parking lot in San Antonio, Texas to promote Euphoria. Of course, she jokingly tells everyone that we were bad parents and left her in a van during the show. The real version is that we were right in front of the van the entire time she was napping inside, never out of sight and the AC was on. So ’99 was the last time we saw Leppard until the 2014 surprise trip. When my husband booked the VIP experience, he requested special seating in front of Phil Collen, my favorite guitarist! When we checked in for the VIP experience, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that not only were we being seated in front of Collen, but we were on the front row. Needless to say, it was one of the best nights of my life! This photo was captured by my hubby and truly reflects my amazement with the whole concert experience!”
– Vanessa Y.


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“It was my parents’ Silver anniversary, and I was thinking of what to give them to celebrate it. The big music fan I am, I checked out the nearby events on the Ticketmaster site. I saw Michael Buble is coming to town, and my parents definitely love him. I got really excited and decided that it will be a perfect gift for them. Not only did we enjoy Michael Buble’s music, we were able to fist bumps with him when he passed by our section! We had the best time of our lives and it instantly became a great memory we will forever cherish! :-)”
– Angeleene K.


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“This photo epitomizes the energy we all seek at concerts. I attended Welcome To Rockville in Jacksonville, Florida. We traveled hours for the event and had issue after issue. By the time we checked in to our hotel, we had missed the first half of the festival day. Arriving at Metro Park, we were already trying to fight the mental fatigue of our trip. It was very hot and I found myself less than enthusiastic as we wandered from stage to stage. Most of the bands were great- The Cult, Volbeat. But it wasn’t until we made our way over to the closing show that our attitudes were completely adjusted! Avenged Sevenfold was the headliner that Saturday night. I had never had the chance to see them live and, in all honesty, am not their biggest fan. However, what took place when Avenged Sevenfold came on stage was amazing. The crowd exploded. Moving and singing along to every song. The band gave the audience what they wanted and in return the crowd gave back- sevenfold. I have had the pleasure of seeing many bands over the years, but Avenged put on one of the best live performances I have witnessed for some time. What helped set them apart though are their fans. After a long, hot, dusty day of annoyance and aggrevation, being surrounded by the energy that spread throughout the crowd as the band took the stage made every moment of getting there worth every moment of being there.”
– Jennifer F.


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“Tomorrowworld 2013 was my sister’s first festival, and going together changed our lives. The weekend truly turned us from sisters to best friends. The music was killer, the atmosphere was enlightening, and the people surrounding us were the happiest and most genuine that I could have asked for. We only traveled four hours, but we met people who came from all over the globe. It is rare to have a perfect day, and we were lucky enough to have three in a row. We would give anything to relive that weekend and be dancing in Chattahoochee right now!”
– Melody S.


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“After an epic show at Aarons Amphitheatre in Atlanta, GA where the band asked the audience to dress in costumes, Arcade Fire showed up unannounced at the after party at The Masquerade in ATL. Win Butler DJd the party and danced in the crowd, and he drank Sweetwater like a man of the people. Then a small core group of AF took the stage and began covering The Ramones. I absolutely went insane as they played a amazingly razor sharp cover of “I Dont Wanna Go Down To The Basement” I was in heaven but it only got better as the next song was a cover of “The Last Time” by The Rolling Stones my very favorite band ever. Everyone was packed tight into a great sounding room with just a few hundred people with a band that had rocked an amphitheater hours earlier bit had no intention of calling it an early night. The band blazed through CCR and punk covers but the highlight came in the last song they played The moat awesome cover of Helter Skelter I ever heard! Musical bliss, Win DJd again until the earl morning hours and we danced and new thay we had experienced something magical more than just a show a transcendent musical and spiritual nirvana that we would all remember for the rest of our lives. Props to Arcade Fire a band at a level they could be drinking champagne in the back of Limos but instead they are partying with their fans at small awesome venues like The Masquerade. They believe, as do I, that the power of music can truly set you free and that wild night, it did.”
– Joshua S.


music festival stories from fans
“Taken at Hangout Fest 2014, this picture is only one epic example of what Hangout Fest and many other festivals are all about- freedom. Freedom to enjoy the music you love. Freedom to surround yourself with beautiful human souls. Freedom to enjoy nature. And of course the freedom to drop into a plank tower, in your swim suit, while your favorite band is playing- just because you can. Now THAT is epic!”
– Shonna F.

Inspired as much as us? Fests bring people together and create lifelong memories like the ones you just read, so grab your friends or family members and get out to a music festival this summer!