Sweet 16 of Comedy Infographic

Sweet 16 of Comedy Infographic

If your brackets look like ours, you’re feeling the pressure and praying that no more bracket busters are in store. So how about we take a moment for a laugh. Let’s celebrate March Madness and the Sweet 16 by learning more about some of the biggest fans out there — fans that support their team live.

In previous weeks we’ve shared the most popular concerts and musicals among fans who purchased college basketball tickets from Ticketmaster within the past three years.Β Now we present to you the most popular comedy shows.

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Some factoids and additional statistics from the data:

  • 1 comedienne graces the list: Amy Schumer.
  • 14 comedians in the Sweet 16 are currently on tour or doing live performances here and there.
  • College basketball fans love to laugh–they are 25% more likely to buy comedy event tickets than the average ticket buyer.
  • Compared to a random sample of ticket buyers, college basketball fans are 2 times as likely to have bought tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle or Aziz Ansari — and 80% more likely to have done the same for Daniel Tosh, Louis C.K. or Kevin James.

Here’s the full list of comedians (in no particular order)

All this basketball talk got you in the mood? Head on over to our March Madness ticket guide for more info. And stay tuned–next week we’ll reveal the top comedy shows among college basketball customers.