Frankie’s Lolla Emerging Artists Playlist | Official Lollapalooza Ticket Exchange

Frankie’s Lolla Emerging Artists Playlist | Official Lollapalooza Ticket Exchange

Lolla festival correspondent Frankie Greek is getting you ready for Lollapalooza and this week she’s focused on the music – but it’s probably not what you think.

One of the best parts of music festivals can be discovering new artists. Frankie put together a Spotify playlist of 10 must-see breaking artists she is stoked to catch at Lolla and counted them down in her Snapchat story (from her bathtub…because it’s the internet).

Her “Lollapalooza Emerging Artists” playlist had two criteria:

  1.  Not a headliner
  2. Good as heck.

(Not surprisingly, two of our New Music Favorites – A R I Z O N A and Tucker Beathard – made the cut.)

Watch the recap below for Frankie’s emerging artist countdown, complete with music samples, set times, and some fun facts about each band:  

Listen to her “Lollapalooza Emerging Artists” Spotify playlist below, and be sure to follow Frankie Greek on Spotify, as she will be updating the playlist with more songs as the festival draws closer. 


Now that you need to see all these emerging bands on top of all the amazing headliners like Lorde, Chance the Rapper, and Muse, make sure to secure your tickets with the Lollapalooza Official Ticket Exchange! It’s the only 100% safe and secure way to buy and sell resale tickets, and you can even purchase after the festival begins.

Keep up with Frankie on the road to Lolla and at the festival! 

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