Join our 10 Day Live Event Instagram Challenge, #TMPhotoChallenge

Join our 10 Day Live Event Instagram Challenge, #TMPhotoChallenge


Instagram is the place to be these days! Whether it be pictures of food, friends, or live events, it always keeps our attention. The good thing, everyone loves to share photos, so why not share yours with the entire Ticketmaster community? How you might ask? Follow along…

We are excited to launch our very own photo challenge, #TMPhotoChallenge. Each day for the first 10 days in March we will present a theme to our fans for inspiration of what to post. That means there will be 10 topics in the first 10 days in March. When you see the image card posted with the topic of the day, participate by uploading a photo that corresponds with the theme. For example, if the challenge was “favorite venue” upload a pic of you at your favorite arena or theater, share a quick blurb with us about the photo and hashtag it on Instagram with #TMPhotoChallenge. The more creative and clever, the better! You must include the hashtag #TMPhotoChallenge so other fans alike can see each other’s post. You never know, your favorite venue might just be someone else’s as well!

The challenge. Are you up for it? Begins tomorrow, March 1.

March 1 – You Rockin’ out!
March 2- Favorite Artist Live
March 3 – Best Concert Tee
March 4 – Longest Event Line Waited In
March 5 – Stadium or Sports Arena
March 6 – Favorite Mascot
March 7 – Recent Broadway Show
March 8 – Coolest Theater Pic
March 9 – Concert Buddy
March 10 – Favorite Family Show Character


We can’t wait to see what all of our fans come up with, and we may just play along ourselves. Remember, this is a daily challenge for the first 10 days in March, so keep checking back with us daily to participate with our next topic! Have fun, be creative, and join us on Instagram with the hashtag #TMPhotoChallenge.

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