10 Guests We Want to See on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

10 Guests We Want to See on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Foo Fighters performs at Austin City Limits Festival 2015. (Photo by: Kayla Merrill/ Live Nation)

Funnyman Stephen Colbert has made a flawless transition from Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report to CBS’s The Late Show, displaying all the wit and humor that made him a hit in the first place. Colbert is one of the funniest interviewers on the planet, and we love to see him sit down with some of our favorite folks in live entertainment.

Here’s our dream list of special guests who we’d love to see on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

1. Jerry Seinfeld – This New York icon was a mainstay on Letterman and could easily take a break from his current standup gigs and his hilarious show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to pay Colbert a visit. Judging from the funny bit that he worked up with Stephen’s old boss Jon Stewart on a past Daily Show episode, the results will definitely be hilarious.


2. Kevin Hart – Kevin Hart could also pop in pretty easily before his upcoming slew of East Coast shows. But whose style would win out? Kevin’s assertive enthusiasm or Colbert’s incisive wit? Actually, no matter who has the most punchlines, the viewers win.

3. Dave Chappelle – Chappelle’s laidback observations seem like a natural fit on the set of The Late Show. We hope the standup legend pays a trip to the Ed Sullivan Theater to trade jokes and match wits with Colbert.

4. Taylor Swift – Her record-breaking 1989 World Tour isn’t slowing down anytime soon, but boy would we love to see the back and forth banter in an interview between T-Swift and Stephen Colbert.


5. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Book of Mormon and South Park – With The Book of Mormon touring the country right now and the new season of South Park premiering a few short weeks ago, it’s time for these intrepid iconoclasts to trade quips and chat satire with Colbert.

6. Impractical Jokers – Colbert’s audience won’t know what hit them when this wacky quintet pulls some of their trademark shenanigans. Whether Stephen or his audience is the butt of the joke remains to be seen, but these guys should pay him a quick visit in the middle of their tour.


7. Neil Young – This classic rock icon has a history with Mr. Colbert, and it would be exciting just to watch these two have a field day with American politics this election year. Of course, if he wants to bring his guitar and play a few ditties, that’s alright with us too.

8. Brain Regan – This outlandish comedian has been bringing silly voices and exaggerated physical comedy to cities across North America recently. No doubt this Southeast showdown would have the Floridian Regan matching the South Carolinian Colbert joke for joke.

9. David Grohl – Another guest we’d love to see pull double duty is this Foo Fighters frontman. He can definitely bring the rest of his band if he wants. With all the film and TV projects he’s been working on lately, we’d be happy just to hear this good-natured guy talk about whatever he wants.


10. WWE Divas – This might look like a total curveball, but we think the ladies of WWE Divas could provide the ultimate in over-the-top entertainment. Plus, we want to see how long it would take for Stephen to tap out in a hilarious tag-team throwdown.

Here are some funny special guests who HAVE appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

Jack Black on October 14, 2015

Sarah Silverman on October 13, 2015

Jim Gaffigan on September 24, 2015

Amy Schumer on September 11, 2015

Stephen Colbert also just announced that Hillary Clinton will be joining The Late Show on Oct 27. And in about a month from now on Nov 21, the Stephen Colbert and J.J. Abrams: Celebrity Nerd-Off! will take place at New Jersey’s Montclair Film Festival. The night will feature both of these celebrated geeks showing off their knowledge of all things nerdy. Tickets are being raffled off at the film festival to benefit the event, so make sure you get your tickets soon if you want your chance to see the sparks fly between Abrams and Colbert.