Korn’s High-Energy “The Serenity of Summer” Tour Is Anything But Serene

Korn’s High-Energy “The Serenity of Summer” Tour Is Anything But Serene

23 years since they released their game-changing self-titled debut album, nu-metal pioneers Korn show no signs of slowing down. The Bakersfield bred band dropped their 12th studio album, The Serenity of Suffering, in October of last year in the midst of a tour, and to celebrate, they just kept on right on touring.

Their latest in support of this new record is the The Serenity of Summer tour, for which they teamed up with Stone Sour and a diverse mix of openers, including Japanese metal idol girl group BABYMETAL, Alabama rapper Yelawolf, and Christian rockers Skillet, plus nu-metal up-and-comers Ded and Islander.

The Serenity of Summer kicked off on June 16th in West Valley, Utah and it was anything but serene. Korn started their set off with the lead single off their latest album, the Grammy-nominated scorcher “Rotting In Vain.”

Throughout the tour, they continue to prove they show no signs of softening in their old age, treating crowds to electric renditions of hits like “Falling Away From Me,” off their 1999 Billboard Number One album Issues, “Got The Life” (a song so popular that its music video became the first ever video “retired” by MTV’s TRL), and another Grammy nominee, “Did My Time”, from their 2004 release Look In The Mirror.

Other tour highlights include the live audience debut of the song “Black Is The Soul” as well as nightly performances of “A Different World,” joined on stage by tour mate Corey Taylor of Stone Sour, who also appears on the album track.


Of course no Korn show would be complete without an encore featuring the song that put the band on the map, 1994’s “Blind,” and of course, perhaps the band’s biggest hit and the song distinguished by Spin Magazine as the greatest nu-metal song of all time, “Freak On A Leash,” closing out the show most nights.

Catch Korn, with Stone Sour, when they come to your town. For a list of upcoming dates and ticket info visit Korn‘s artist page.

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