Jordan Knight talks NKOTB, The Main Event Tour & Valentine’s Day

Jordan Knight talks NKOTB, The Main Event Tour & Valentine’s Day

New Kids on the Block are back on tour. Complete with brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood, NKOTB are now bringing the excitement and drama with their The Main Event Tour featuring guest stars Nelly and TLC. Kicking off May 1 in Las Vegas, the guys are playing in the round which means great seats for everyone in the house. And, they say come prepared to have fun and party.

We had the opportunity to sit down for an exclusive Q&A session with Jordan Knight. We asked him about NKOTB, The Main Event Tour, and his romantic advice for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what happened.

TICKETMASTER: From New Kids to Backstreet Boys to new acts today, why do boy bands continue to rock and bring the screams?

JORDAN KNIGHT: It’s really simple. When you sing a great song that touches someone’s heart, speaks to what they’re going through emotionally, it just hits home. The Beatles were the original big boy band back in the 1960s, and as you long as you keep it fairly clean, and have good songs, you’re all good.

TICKETMASTER: With a whopping 80 million records sold, why is NKOTB still inspired to tour again?

JORDAN KNIGHT: We love to perform. You can’t really say, we’ve sold 80 million records, let’s call it quits. We did it back then just for the sheer love of it, we didn’t do it to achieve some number. Of course, you want to sell a lot of tickets and records, but the main reason is that it was in our hearts, we loved doing it. We did it when we had nothing, we’re still doing it when we have something because of our love of performing. We just love to put smiles on people’s faces, we like to sing and dance, and entertain, and basically have fun.

TICKETMASTER: What will The Main Event Tour be bringing to fans?

JORDAN KNIGHT: We’re going to be bringing a lot of hits. Very importantly, we’re going to bring TLC and Nelly, extremely talented acts. TLC touched all of us in the 90s with their live performances and stylish videos, and flair. And, Nelly just brings a lot of credibility — awesome songs that have crossed over from rap to R&B to pop and even country genres.

TICKETMASTER: What should fans come expecting to see and hear — can you tease any surprises, what songs, any new production value?

JORDAN KNIGHT: We like to be spontaneous and also mix it up with the artists we’re touring with, sing together, cross over, all sorts of surprises. We’re also going to sing all our own hits, like the other groups. We’re playing in the round, and there’s really not a bad seat at the show, we’re like center ice with our fans all around us. We love to interact, get the crowd going, make sure everyone is having a great time. It’ll be a fun, big production.

TICKETMASTER: How do you keep in shape for such a rigorous tour schedule?

JORDAN KNIGHT: The secret to longevity is to live a healthy, clean life. None of us are twenty anymore, you can’t be staying up all night. Although we do party on stage every night, it’s good clean fun. I don’t drink alcohol. As far as staying in shape, we rehearse intensively for weeks before we go on tour, and that helps get you in shape. Then once you’re on tour, you’re up there two hours a night doing some serious cardio, dancing the moves and singing, and so that helps keep you in shape once on tour.

TICKETMASTER: Your voice is your key instrument, how do you keep it smooth after all these years recording and on tour?

JORDAN KNIGHT: The way we entertain, our voices have matured and got better. You’re smarter and wiser about performing, you put more thought into it, you’re more creative. And maybe like a fine wine, your voice does getter better with age.

For example, we were at Donnie (Wahlberg) and Jenny’s (McCarthy) wedding, and Joey sang a John Legend song, and I’ve never heard him sing so well, it was so beautiful and amazing. It just goes to show, you can get better with age. Joey just blew me away. I’ve seen him sing for years, and this was the best I’ve ever heard him.

TICKETMASTER: Ticketmaster is doing a cool Valentine’s Day promotion, so what do you think is the key to pleasing your own Valentine?

JORDAN KNIGHT: The main thing is to put thought into it, putting time into planning a night or a weekend away. It really comes down to the little things, and those things show that you’ve put thought, a personal touch and time into it. Your loved one just wants to know that. It’s not about spending money, about flash and going big, it’s about thoughtful little things.

TICKETMASTER: Okay, what would make your Valentine feel special?

JORDAN KNIGHT: For guys, get your woman a massage. Yes, you could set up a spa massage. But how about a personal, candlelit, sensual massage? You can also run a bath with some oils and herbs. Don’t send her to a spa, make your own spa — and put New Kids’ “Valentine Girl” on repeat: “There’s not a star in the sky/That could equal to the sparkle in your eyes…Will you be my Valentine girl/And I’ll give you my heart forever…”

TICKETMASTER: What do you think about sending flowers?

JORDAN KNIGHT: Flowers sent to your woman’s work is a nice gesture, especially if she doesn’t see it coming. Because it’s a surprise and it also shows everybody else at work how much you love her. She gets to show off the beautiful flowers, and the thought behind it, it’s a public display of affection. Very thoughtful and a nice thing to do.

TICKETMASTER: In Europe on Valentine’s Day, lovers often write their names on a padlock and lock it onto a bridge, then throw the key into a river as a symbol — what’s your take?

JORDAN KNIGHT: That’s beautiful. We did a show in Cologne last year, and we walked over a famous bridge over the Rhine River, and the railings were full of padlocks with little inscriptions or notes attached. It was amazing to see. So, go put a lock on some famous spot in your town, and throw away the key to show your undying love.

TICKETMASTER: While it’s easy to send a Valentine’s e-card, what about sending something handwritten?

JORDAN KNIGHT: Creating a handwritten note, maybe with a quote from a great poet, or a line from a New Kids’ song, could be a beautiful personal thought. New Kids’ lyrics on a handwritten card could be very special, if she’s a fan!

TICKETMASTER: To wrap up, how pumped are you to go back on the road?

JORDAN KNIGHT: I am getting excited. Every time we plan a tour, you get the butterflies, but then the tour itself is so much fun with surprises not only for the fans but also for us. We come up with new ideas every tour. It never fails that we kind of surprise ourselves, and that’s why we keep going, because of the fun we have doing it, and sharing those good feelings. I am totally excited.