10 Jamming Janet Jackson Music Videos to Fire You Up for her Unbreakable World Tour

10 Jamming Janet Jackson Music Videos to Fire You Up for her Unbreakable World Tour

After seven long years the wait is over: Janet Jackson will upend the world of pop music in 2015 with the Unbreakable World Tour, a new album, and what she’s mysteriously referred to as “a new movement”. The album is her first release since 2008’s Discipline, and is more than enough reason for Janet fans the world over to freak out (we’re right there with you).

Far from living in her older brother’s shadow, Janet has become a legend in her own right with a phenomenally successful career spanning three decades. And just like Michael, Janet is as revered for her visionary music videos and choreography as she is for her body-rocking hits.

We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite Janet Jackson music videos here to help you perfect your moves before catching her in concert.

DREAM STREET (Dream Street, 1984)

Janet’s first music video was for the title track of her 1984 sophomore album Dream Street. This sepia-toned clip follows a young Miss Jackson as she arrives in Hollywood with dreams of making it big (spoiler alert: she succeeds).


With the 1986 release of her massively successful third album Control, Janet went from the being the “youngest Jackson sibling” to one of the biggest stars in the world. The cool, confident video for her sassy breakout hit “What Have You Done for me Lately” makes it abundantly clear that a star has arrived.

WHEN I THINK OF YOU (Control, 1986)

This feel-good classic scored Janet her first No. 1 hit, and you can tell she’s feeling it in the music video. Her radiant smile and swaggering dance moves are totally infectious — we dare you not to shake your booty.


The badass video for the final single from Control showcases Janet’s seriously stunning dancing skills –she may not Moonwalk, but you can definitely tell she’s related to the King of Pop.

RHYTHM NATION (Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814, 1989)

Hands down one of the most iconic music videos ever made. The machine-like dancing and black-and-white industrial setting of this epic video spawned a generation of copycats, but none of them nailed it quite like Miss Jackson.

THAT’S THE WAY LOVE GOES (janet., 1993)

The candid music video for this sensual, chilled-out chart-topper features Janet kicking back with her friends (keep an eye out for J. Lo) and really feeling the music. Sometimes less is more.

SCREAM (Michael Jackson’s HIStory, 1995)

It’s technically MJ’s song, but no Janet video playlist would be complete without this totally bananas mid-’90s head trip featuring super cute sibling shenanigans like a zero-gravity dance off, a heated game of pong, and a bizarre match of vase-shattering space tennis.

TOGETHER AGAIN (The Velvet Rope, 1997)

Janet funks it up with wild hair and some seriously colorful looks in the African-inspired video for this dance floor favorite from 1997. The sprawling clip features jungle dance scenes, vast savannah landscapes, and Janet chilling in the desert with a pack of black panthers. Meow.

FEEDBACK (Discipline, 2008)

Janet proved her dancing skills were as sharp as ever as she took on the cosmos in this intergalactic video for the lead single from her tenth studio album Discipline. Miss Jackson can still shake it with the best of them, and we can’t wait to see her work it out on her upcoming tour.

ROCK WITH U (Discipline, 2008)

Famed commercial and documentary producer Saam Farahmand adorned this critically acclaimed rhythmic contemporary dance track with a long take music video that was choreographed by Gil Duldulao. The song was written by music performers and producers Ne-Yo, Jermaine Dupri, and Eric Stamile, and continues to rock dance floors across the globe.


Do you dance? If you have the moves like Janet, she is auditioning dancers to back her up on the Unbreakable World Tour now.

JANET Unbreakable World Tour Auditions from Janet Jackson on Vimeo.