Socialize your next Live Event with Seat Tagging

Socialize your next Live Event with Seat Tagging

Interactive Seat Map

Combining technologies can be a beautiful thing—especially when it brings fans, friends and live entertainment enthusiasts closer together. With both fans and social media in mind, we’ve built some of the industry’s most innovative technologies in the past few years, including Interactive Seat Map (ISM) and Seat Tagging.

These two features were built not only to bring friends closer together at live events, but offer fans the best possible live experience by giving them full control in selecting their seats from what’s available. We’ve listened to your feedback and know that having your choice in seats is important to you, so we’ve made picking your own preferred seats a piece of cake.

We also wanted fans to see where their friends are sitting and give them the opportunity to sit close to each other—because live events create memories that are meant to be shared with family and friends. So we created Seat Tags, which allows fans to tag their seats and share seat locations with friends on Facebook. What better way to learn about the best seats in the house? Right by your friends!

Interactive Seat Map

We know selecting your seats to your next live event is important. With our Interactive Seat Maps (ISMs), fans have the power to choose exact seat locations. In addition you can also now see exactly which seats are taken and which are still up for grabs. What’s more, you can also see where your friends are sitting.

How do you use this feature?

1. Head to

2. Select the show you’re planning next

We selected Rihanna and Eminem at the Rose Bowl to help walk you through purchasing tickets using the ISM and how to tag your seat.

ism interactive seat map ticketmaster

As you can see, you now have control to pick your seats. So, once you click on the section you’re interested in, the ISM will display all seat selections available based on your choice. From there, you have full control to select your preferred seats.

In addition to showing you what’s available from the venue, you’re also now able to browse seats that other fans might be reselling. This new feature has been conveniently integrated so you can browse for both options in the same place.

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