Save Music Education with the International House of Blues Foundation

Save Music Education with the International House of Blues Foundation

The future of music is dependent upon the education of our youth. But with budget cuts and economic crisis impacting our nation’s schools—especially in lower income areas—music education is often one of the first programs to disappear from the curriculum.

The International House of Blues Foundation, however, is working hard to make sure music education doesn’t become a thing of the past.
Founded in 1993, the foundation is an independent nonprofit that has reached more than one million under-served youth nationwide by investing more than $20 million in music education.

They’re ready to invest even more—and Ticketmaster wants to help.

This August 4 through September 14, Ticketmaster is running a U.S. donation upsell campaign for the foundation on events across, providing fans the opportunity to join this great cause.

100 percent of donations will directly support programs that create performance opportunities for young musicians, educate youth about the role of music and culture in social change, and inspire young people with real-world experience in the music industry.

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International House of Blues Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Through partnerships with Live Nation and House of Blues, the foundation is able to ensure that 100% of your donation goes directly to music education programs for youth.