Helping fans find what they need, even faster

Helping fans find what they need, even faster

We have worked hard in the last couple of years to launch a number of ground-breaking innovations to help you discover events and make ticket purchasing as social and seamless as possible. Our mobile app, Facebook tagging in our interactive seat maps and acquisition of are some of the features on our highlight reel. While we were working on those, we didn’t forget about our mainstay,

A lot of the fans who land on our home page proceed immediately to search box at the top of the page and type in an artist team or venue name. We have recently added two features that will help you search much more efficiently – predictive search and supporting act display.

Predictive search illustrated on

Predictive search allows fans to find what they are searching for more quickly and easily by suggesting popular artists and venues as fans types their search terms. Fans can then choose a suggestion without having to type the entire term. This will help with potential misspellings and incomplete search terms. When you select one of the suggestions a more targeted set of search results are returned, this helps you get to the event page faster.

The order of suggestions is based on a combination of lexical proximity and recent page views & tickets sales conducted on This ensures that the most relevant artists and venues are suggested prominently, while our very long tail of smaller artists and venues are still accessible – something that has always been challenging, given the hundreds of thousands of live-events offered on our site, and the wide variations in the way fans enter for artists (“Florence + the Machine” vs. “Florence & the Machine” vs. “Florence and the Machine”).

Supporting act display

With supporting act display you can now find the opening band and see the full list of performers at larger festivals on Additionally, fans can learn more about the artist, read user-reviews of previous shows, and see their other upcoming concert dates by clicking any of the artists’ names to view their individual page.

We are gathering feedback on fans’ reaction to these and we continue to work on further enhancements within the live-event search & discovery paths. Let us know what you think and thank you for being a fan!