How To Go To A Football Game Alone

How To Go To A Football Game Alone

Football is back, which means it’s time to round up your crew and head to the stadium for a game. But what if your squad is busy? What if you want to see a road game in a strange town? Don’t worry. Attending a football game on your own is easier than you think. If you’re having any hesitations, these 5 tips might help you get past your fears and join other fans in the stands.

Get Over Yourself

When you’re flying solo at a sporting event, it’s easy to feel like the odd one out. You might even feel like others are judging you for being alone. Newsflash: No one is judging you! This is a football game, not the senior prom. The other fans are too busy enjoying the experience to even notice that you’re by yourself. If they don’t care, why should you? So get out of your head, don’t overthink it, and enjoy the game on your own terms.

Gear Up

The nice thing about being a fan of a specific team is that you’re never really alone. By virtue of wearing your team’s gear (or even just your team’s colors), you have all the justification you need to chat up your fellow fans. After all, you’re all on the same side, right? And even if you’re not really a fan, no one is in a position to call you out. So throw on a team hat or jersey and make some new friends!


The nice thing about going to a football game alone is that it’s a great opportunity to treat yourself. Eat what you want, do what you want, and most importantly, sit where you want. Besides, the fact that you’re only looking for a single seat while most people are looking for pairs means you might be able to find a great deal from someone who is desperate to unload a lone ticket. Just be sure you’re buying verified tickets from Ticketmaster, and you avoid ticket scams and fraudsters.

Meet The Neighbors

Yes, wearing a team’s gear gives you a great excuse to talk to fellow fans. But even if you aren’t cheering for the same team, or you’re not passionate about either team, there’s no reason you can’t chat up other spectators sitting or standing in your general vicinity. After all, it’s safe to assume that almost everyone there has at least some interest in football.

Retreat Online

If none of the previous tips appeal to you, and you’re still self conscious about going alone, don’t despair. Thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever to ignore everyone around you without seeming anti-social. In years past, spending the entire game reading a book or newspaper would have looked odd. But today, for better or worse, no one will think twice about someone who can’t take their eyes off their phone. So throw in some earbuds, fire up an app, follow live updates about the game and trash talk with friends and family in social media. But please don’t be the person who spends the whole game making voice calls. That’s just not Like-worthy.

Get In The Game

We hope these tips inspire you to catch a football game alone soon. When in doubt just remember, football is family. Check out Ticketmaster NFL and the NFL Ticket Exchange for football tickets.

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