Happy Valentine’s Day from Ticketmaster

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ticketmaster

funny valentines day ecards

Almost all agree: a sense of humor can be hugely attractive. With that in mind and with February 14 fast approaching, we’ve whipped up some funny Valentine’s Day e-Cards for the live event fan in your life. Send to your loved one, show off your funny side, and learn why laughter is called a true aphrodisiac. From all of us at Ticketmaster, have a happy – and funny – Valentine’s Day.

nullWanna have a romantic night surrounded by sweaty strangers? nullI’ll pretend to have fun at the game if you pretend to like Valentine’s Day.

nullHoney, let’s go to a game tonight where at least someone will score. nullI love you so much that I’m willing to pretend I like that thing you want to go to.

nullIs it more romantic if you don’t know I bought these tickets 2-for-1?

Speaking of 2 For 1 tickets… we’ve got you covered with plenty of Valentine’s Day 2 For 1 ticket offers. Can’t find 2 For 1 tickets in your area? Don’t fret! We’ve got plenty of other Ticket Deals for you to fall in love with, including Me+3 4-Packs (special offers on 4 tickets), $40 Below tickets (select tickets under $40), and much more. So ditch that boring old box of chocolates and opt for a date night you’ll both remember for years to come.