ICYMI: 10 Funny Kiss Cam Fails

ICYMI: 10 Funny Kiss Cam Fails
A kiss cam moment between fans during the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins regular season NHL game at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. (Icon Sportswire via AP Images)

In theory, the kiss cam is a nice way for couples to put their love on display — especially around Valentine’s Day — but things don’t always work out smoothly. Sometimes people don’t realize the spotlight is on them. Other times kisses get really messy. And there have definitely been moments when the camera zeroes in on two people who aren’t even a couple! Thanks to mishaps like these a fair amount of kiss cam moments have gone viral. So which hilarious kiss cam moments did you probably miss? Here are ten that will get you laughing.

1. Benny the Bull steals someone’s girlfriend
You better watch out! If you ignore your significant other for too long a team mascot might swoop in and make a move.

2. Denied girlfriend kisses another man
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

3. The beer pour kiss
Well this is a party foul!

4. The funny sign
The thing with kiss cams is they often assume certain people are couples. Awkwarrrd.

5. Brother ditches sister
When backed into a corner by the kiss cam, some people enter fight or flight mode. This guy chose flight.

6. The ultimate kiss cam revenge

7. The head rub kiss
Oh, sorry, didn’t see your head there…

8. Shaq kisses Ernie Johnson
What happens when the kiss cam lands on former basketball player and sportscaster Ernie Johnson? Shaq takes things into his own hands…

9. Ben Stiller’s tricky kiss
True to form, Stiller uses his kiss cam moment to get some laughs at this tennis match.

10. Proposal prank
This might not have gone over well afterwards. Instead of just kissing his girlfriend, this hockey fan gets down on one knee…but pulls the rug out from under her just as she’s hearing wedding bells.

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