From TV Screen to Mainstage Tours

From TV Screen to Mainstage Tours
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We all have our favorite childhood stars. Do you remember when young Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears shared the television screen in the 80’s as Mouseketeers doing variety skits for the Mickey Mouse Club? Maybe you recall  Selena Gomez  practicing her spells on Wizards of Waverly Place? And this wouldn’t be a complete blog post if we didn’t talk about Miley Cyrus as undercover pop star… Hannah Montana anyone? Yeah, that’s right. How about Demi Lovato as a girl just wanting to play music at Camp Rock? Are we bringing back memories for some of you? Now, let’s flash forward to today where Justin is busting the hottest moves across the main stage, Selena Gomez headlined her own tour, Miley is all the rage, Demi is mentoring up-and-coming artists on The X Factor, and Britney has a two-year residency in Las Vegas? These top talents all have one thing in common. Do you see the trend? Do you see it now? All of them began their careers as young Disney stars!

Time and time again we see Disney nurture and grow young talent that catapult into some of the biggest names in live entertainment. Many of them come as a triple threat – singing, acting, and dancing. That mouse house seems to have quite the formula  for finding youngsters who have not only talent but charisma as well. When Disney introduces their young talent for the first time one can’t help but take notice of their spunk and their ambition to do great things in life. How does Disney do it? Whatever the secret is we can’t help but thank them for giving us these great artists to enjoy!

Catch your favorite Disney Stars front and center, performing live and on tour!

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