Flexible Mobile Search with Center Point Search

Flexible Mobile Search with Center Point Search


Event search is the most used feature on Ticketmaster. The Ticketmaster team has delivered some great search enhancements for Ticketmaster.com, like predictive search and supporting act display. Our mobile team has also worked to improve the search experience in the Ticketmaster app for the iPhone. Our team set out to leverage all the powerful capabilities of mobile devices.

For one of our first mobile search enhancements, we wanted to give you the ability to see events around you based on your actual location.

Point radius search gives you the ability to select how far you’re willing to travel and it presents the live event options within that distance. When searching for an event, you will be able to determine how far you want to travel by using the radius slider. Maybe you are looking for an event that will fit into a weekend road trip or maybe you are looking for something a little closer to home, the radius slider will allow you to completely customize the search results based on distance. We took this concept further by displaying events outside of the radius, giving you two buckets of results: one of events within your desired radius and another of events outside. You can quickly reset the center point of your search by entering a city or a zip code. We’d love to hear what you think, email us at fanvoices@ticketmaster.com or hit the email button below.

We are working hard on other great features for the Ticketmaster apps. Thank you for being a fan!