7 OMG Moments When Superfans Joined Superstars On Stage

7 OMG Moments When Superfans Joined Superstars On Stage

Every fan dreams about jumping on stage to join their idols in the spotlight. Until your dream comes true though, you can live vicariously through these 7 lucky fans who did it in this week’s video roundup.

And of course you can still get seats for all of these artists. Have an unforgettable experience of your own—even if you don’t wind up sharing the mic.

One Direction Signs a Fan’s Cast

Yet another reason to swoon over the charming gents in 1D: watch them bring an awestruck young fan on stage so they can sign her cast. We bet she never wants to take it off.

U2 Invites Blind Guitarist on Stage

U2 always forms a special connection with their audience, but this goes above and beyond. Bono brought a blind guitarist on stage to perform “All I Want Is You” before giving his guitar to the talented fan.

Girl Skips Senior Prom to See Kenny Chesney

Only a superfan would blow off senior prom. Turns out this lucky fan got to dance with the guy she had her eye on anyway: Kenny Chesney.

Vanderbilt Student Plays Piano for Billy Joel

When this young fan asked to play “New York State of Mind”, Billy Joel was game. Little did Joel realize that he had more than enough skill to tinkle the ivories with the original “Piano Man” himself.

Fan Plays Guitar with 5 Seconds of Summer

This young fan achieved five minutes of fame with Five Seconds of Summer. One can only imagine her pure elation when she got to rock out on Luke Hemming’s guitar.

Rap Prodigy Joins J. Cole on Stage

Looks like J. Cole found a Missy Elliot in the making. This undiscovered talent doesn’t miss a beat or rapid-fire rhyme on “Back to the Topic”.

Young Boy Sings with Florida Georgia Line

Cool kid Reese got a story to tell for the rest of his life when the bros from Florida Georgia Line invited him on stage to sing “Round Here”. They even signed his hat, so he’s got show-and-tell in the bag.