#FanArtFriday with Lady Gaga

#FanArtFriday with Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga slays at Super Bowl 50 (Photo by: Picture Group/ Live Nation)

Lady Gaga fans are still shaking with excitement from her explosive, high-tech tribute to fallen rock ‘n’ roll legend, David Bowie, this past Monday at the Grammy’s. In fact, we haven’t even gotten over her stunning Star-Spangled Banner performance at Super Bowl 50 yet! With all of this following her hauntingly awesome, Emmy winning role as “The Countess” in the latest season of FX’s hit TV series, American Horror Story, it’s certain that now is great time to be a Gaga fan.

Yes, there is A LOT to be psyched about in the world of Gaga. So much so, that hordes of fans all over the world are channeling their excitement and praise into brilliant works of art in her honor. Check out all of these incredible fan made creations we found around the internet for this week’s #FanArtFriday:

What can I say… ✨ @ladygaga #grammys2016 #ladygaga #davidbowietribute #bowie #davidbowie #davidkohlver #illustration

A photo posted by David Kohlver 👽 (@davidkohlver) on

The amazing @DavidKohlver brings us a beautiful Lady Gaga with a touch of Bowie in honor of her huge Grammy’s performance on Monday.


Here is an incredible colored-pencil portrait of Gaga rockin’ the lightning bolt face paint in classic David Bowie fashion by the talented @Bornthisjesss.

@Mr_gabrielmarques shares a gorgeous one-of-a-kind drawing of Gaga in all her sparkling red glory from her powerful performance at the Super Bowl earlier this month.

Loving this dope illustration of the blood sucking Countess by @MARVI_N_.

Such a unique and beautiful blotchy style in this Grammy’s-inspired painting by @abhivision.

Love the way @beesnart uses sepia tones to make the vibrant red really pop in this portrait of the blood soaked beauty!

Playing around with this one😁😀😈 @ladygaga #ladygaga #ladygagaart #ahshotel

A photo posted by Filip Balos (@filipbalos.art) on

Here is another amazingly done sketch of the most fashionable killer known to man by @filipbalos.art.

Awesome use of neon colors and line work in this super creative abstract piece by the very skilled @Albicalderone.

The detail in this hand drawn Gaga portrait is mind blowing! Stunning work by @Dendareloaded.

This is digital masterpiece by @susie_q_art_and_tattoo is so freaking good it looks like it could be the official artwork for the show.

There’s no doubt that Lady Gaga fans may be some of the most talented and creative in the game! Thank you for all your hard work and beautiful art.

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